4 Reasons Why Joining the Honda Team Will Help Your Career Takeoff


You’re probably familiar with the Honda brand. Perhaps you own a Honda made machine like a generator or a lawn mower — or, the most common: you just can’t make it down the street without passing a Honda Civic. Did you know that the Civic has been the top-selling passenger car in Canada for the past 22 years?

Honda as a brand is a Canadian favourite, but what about as an employer? What makes Honda stand out? Why should it be at the top of your employer wishlist? We’re glad you asked. Fasten your seatbelts, because here are 4 reasons why Honda Canada will put you in the driver seat of your career. 

Honda Canada Prioritizes Training and Development 

Honda Canada believes that the best people produce the best products. In order to attract the best, sometimes you have to create the best. Honda achieves this through extensive training. Honda Canada offers a variety of training programs for students and new grads. Honda understands the value of investing in the future, and that starts with its associates. 

During the current pandemic, Honda Canada has taken significant steps to ensure the safety of their associates. Associates are currently working from home where possible and are encouraged to continue their professional development through taking courses through an online learning platform.

Learn about all the initiatives Honda Canada has taken to support its associates and the community during this crucial time: 


Honda Values Individuality 

At Honda Canada, each person brings their own strengths and unique qualities to the team. Honda appreciates the importance of individuality and encourages their associates to flourish in their own way. They aim to foster an atmosphere that encourages associates from every level to take initiative and innovate. Supporting each person’s unique characteristics helps to ensure that all associates feel valued and provide a meaningful contribution to the company’s overall success. 

Honda Canada Foundation Invests in Dreams

At Honda Canada, there is an emphasis on dreams — both of customers and associates. Honda Canada is passionate about immersing itself in the community and giving back, which is why they established The Honda Canada Foundation in 2005. As an associate you can feel confident that you are working for a company who cares about creating a cleaner and brighter future. Work alongside peers who value corporate social responsibility and who love to volunteer. Between family, environment, engineering, and education, there is sure to be a Honda initiative that is close to your heart — and they are always looking for suggestions for new charities! 

At Honda you are more than an associate; you’re helping to shape the future. Feel good about the work that you do and who you do it for. Honda Canada calls on the dreamers and innovators, and through the Honda Canada Foundation, these hopes and dreams can become reality. 

Honda’s Work Culture Fosters “The 3 Joys”

A crucial part of Honda Canada’s philosophy is “The 3 Joys” that allowed Honda as a brand to become a Canadian favourite. A successful company starts with talented associates who enjoy the work that they do. The 3 Joys philosophy is that everyone involved in the process of buying, selling or producing a Honda product should have a positive experience. 

The Joy of Buying

The joy of buying is Honda’s ability to provide exceptional products and services that exceed customers’ expectations. Honda wants their customers to feel excited and confident when making a purchase, and this is achieved through knowledgeable, confident, and happy associates. 

The Joy of Selling

The joy of selling is achieved through fully trained and certified staff who enjoy creating lasting relationships with customers. Honda prides itself on employing charismatic people who connect on a deeper level with customers. Making a sale is equally exciting for the associate as it is for the customer. 

The Joy of Creating 

The joy of creating encourages workers to take pride in their work and to feel confident proposing new ideas to improve the company. When associates are involved in the design, development, engineering, and manufacturing of products, they strive to ensure that only the best quality products reach the customers. There is an emphasis on creativity and collaboration. 

These joys have allowed Honda Canada to be recognized as a top employer by its associates.
Reliable, innovative, environmentally conscious — these words can be used to describe Honda’s products and its associates! Rev up your career with the egg-cellent opportunities at Honda Canada. Check out how to put your career into first gear here!