How to Socialize From a Distance With Friends


Humans are social beings, and a sudden lack of socializing can increase stress and anxiety levels, so asking friends and family to schedule times to talk is a great idea. However, what can you do besides just catching up? Even though many places are opening up, it’s still advised to maintain your social distance so here are some different ways to connect, share, and learn – remotely! 

Schedule a Group Workout 

No gyms? No problem! Keep getting those endorphins and staying healthy by scheduling group workout times during the week. You could have someone lead each session, and have a variety of workouts, such as yoga, Pilates, cross-fit, or cardio! Or, find some online workout videos to follow, and video chat your friends to follow-along together! Remember to check if any local gyms are doing live streams of workouts. If the weather is nice, try moving your workout outside in small groups!

Online Book Club

Remember all those books that you have been meaning to read? Well, turn that activity into a social one by setting up an online book club! Set deadlines such as one chapter a week, and schedule group video chats to discuss the plot together! Make sure to check out your local public library for free online versions of books.

Watch a Movie Together

Missed a movie premiere? Why not try one of the many streaming services that offer group streaming! Try Netflix Watch Party or applications such as Kast to stream movies or TV shows as a group! You can chat while you watch together, and you don’t even have to share your popcorn.

Organize a PowerPoint Party

Do you have hidden knowledge on a cool subject? I bet your friends do too! How about organizing a PowerPoint Party? Have each person put together a short presentation on a subject they love, like astronomy, writing, sports, or makeup, and then have a group presentation! Learn new facts and new facts about your friends!

Cook with Friends 

There are endless recipes available online, so why not learn a new recipe with your friends, without ever leaving your kitchen? Gather the ingredients, and then video chat while cooking a new recipe together. Then you can share a meal afterwards.

Craft Together

Look around and see if you have extra material, pants that need to be hemmed, or buttons that need to be fixed. Then, ask if anyone else wants to craft together! This way you can motivate each other, and chat while you work with your hands.
Instead of staying isolated, reach out to friends and family, and set up online hangouts! Even better, try one of these activities to socialize so that you stay connected with the ones you love.


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