What New Grad Leadership Development Role is Right for You at Rogers?


While it may be challenging as a new grad during these times companies like Rogers Communications, believe in continuing to invest in the future leaders of tomorrow. We’re so egg-cited to announce that Rogers will be opening up hiring for their New Grad Leadership Development Program this September!

To help you navigate the various opportunities available within this 12-18 month program, we’ve created this helpful quiz to narrow down which stream you’d fit in best. You can also explore each stream below to learn more about the program and why it’s a great opportunity for new graduates who are entering the workforce for the first time, full-time!

Let’s break down the benefits of this program. First of all, it’s full-time permanent employment. You’ll also gain invaluable cross-functional experience with exposure to executive leadership, monthly workshops that focus on your personal and professional development, mentorship and buddy support and a sense of community as a cohort. Some streams even offer rotational positions, where you explore the business unit or stream you have been hired into to get a holistic experience of what Rogers has to offer. Check out our TalentEgg Talks with Rogers Communications, where we sat down with two RLDP alumni to hear about their experiences!

Each year, Rogers fine-tunes the various streams available to new grads. For 2020, the streams are:

  • Consumer New Grad Program
  • HR New Grad Program
  • R4B (Rogers For Business) New Grad Program
  • Sports & Media New Grad Program
  • Technology New Grad Program
  • Digital New Grad Program

Consumer New Grad Program (ON, MTL, ATL)

The Consumer New Grad Program is 18 months long that consists of three, 6-month rotations. Frontline exposure is provided to give a full 360 view of the company and its customers. If you’ve completed a degree in business or in a related field, this could be a great fit for you. Examples of possible rotations include Marketing Coordinator, Brand Coordinator, Marketing Analyst, Sales Performance Analyst, and Customer Behaviour Analyst.

HR New Grad Program (ON)

Obsessed with Human Resources? Are you a people person and love strategizing? The HR New Grad Program is a 12-month program that consists of two rotations. You’ll be in one rotation for 8 months and the second rotation for 4 months. You should apply to this stream if you’ve completed a degree in Human Resources or something related. Possible rotations include Talent Acquisition Consultant, Growth and Development Specialist, and HR Coordinator.

R4B New Grad Program (ON, OTT, MTL)

R4B, otherwise known as Rogers For Business, is a 12-month program that has two to three rotations based on the role you’re hired into. If you’ve completed a degree in business, engineering management, economics or related degree, this would be a suitable role for you. Some examples of roles include Business Analyst, Sales Coordinator, Strategy & Planning Analyst, and Junior Solution Architect.

Sports & Media New Grad Program (ON)

Did you complete a degree in Business, Media Studies or a related field? The Sports & Media New Grad 12-month Program could be a great stream for you! Possible roles include Marketing Coordinator, Business Development, and Sales.

Technology New Grad Program (ON, MTL, BC)

Do the words, Cloud, Network and Software sound familiar to you? If you’ve completed a degree in programs such as Engineering, Computer Science or related, the Technology New Grad Program is the stream for you! This is a 12-month program that consists of two to three rotations depending on the stream you’re hired into. Streams available are Software Development, Data Science & Analytics, Cloud Engineering, Technology Solutions, and Network Engineering.

Digital New Grad Program (ON)

Are you interested in being a developer? Have you completed a degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related degree?  Then this 12-month program is for you! You’ll receive frontline exposure to get a holistic 360 view of the company and customers.


Now that you’ve received the inside scoop of the various streams, take some time to reflect on the areas you’re most interested in and be sure to apply when applications open — from  September 1st until October 4th! Rogers’ New Grad Leadership Development Program is a unique opportunity to kick-start your career with an incredible amount of support from peers, executives and mentors. You’ll not only launch a meaningful career at Rogers, but also secure a permanent position with the organization and leverage your educational background and skills to help move the business forward! Don’t forget to complete our interactive quiz here to find your perfect fit!


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