How to Build Up Your Resume From Home


Having an awesome resume is a great way to land interviews and impress employers, and there are lots of ways to improve your resume without leaving your home!

Add a Certification to Your Resume

Other than starting a new job, what is the next best way to add to your resume? Online certifications! There are endless courses online, free or paid, that you can complete from your home in order to add a new credential or area of expertise to your resume. For example, LinkedIn has partnered with organizations to provide thousands of courses in their LinkedIn Learning Portal. There are also many different coding courses online that provide you with a certificate of completion, which will prove to employers that you know your stuff! Or, take a course at WordPress Academy and learn how to manage a website! Try searching for courses that you know will impress employers in your field. 

Use TalentEgg’s Guides 

TalentEgg has articles that have been perfectly curated to help you get that interview. Browse through TalentEgg’s Career Guides and look at the key skills that each career requires. For example, if you’re considering a career in Engineering, use TalentEgg’s Career Guide to find top skills like analytical thinking and complex problem-solving, and find articles such as a day in the life of an engineer. Or, head over to TalentEgg’s Blog, The Incubator and search ‘resume’ to find tons of articles, such as how to tailor your resume for a job, what top skills to include, and how to include social media on your resume. 

Organize a Resume Swap

Have you ever asked anyone for feedback on your resume? No? Then why are you sending it to employers! Ask your friends or family to swap resumes, and give each other your first impressions, edits, and opinions. Pay attention to the layout, the amount of information, and the keywords that stand out. Then, edit your resume to make it easier to read, and to ensure that it includes all the amazing skills that you have! 

Search for People with Your Dream Job

Using the powers of the Internet, on social media or LinkedIn, find people who have the career or job that you want. Take note of what jobs they had in the past, what companies, and most importantly, what skills they list online! Take some inspiration from your mentors and include the skills which you have in common on your own resume. While you’re at it, why not send them a message and start a conversation? Ask for advice or ask about their past jobs.  

Create Different Versions of Your Resume 

Tailoring a resume when you apply to jobs is always a good idea, but how do you remember what to include? In order to not forget any of those awesome volunteer positions and internships that you did in the past, create an extra-long, master resume, which you can reference when tailoring your resume to positions in the future! 

Take New Professional Photos 

Improve your online professional presence by taking updated photos of yourself or asking a friend to do a photoshoot with you. Update your social media, so when you want to connect with organizations, recruiters, or mentors, your websites have a fresh new look. As well, some companies require headshots be included on your resume, or added to their online application portals, so take the step now to be prepared.

Browse Other People’s Resumes

A simple search online can bring thousands of different resume formats. Take some time to search for resumes to find inspiration for a new layout or colour. See how other people in your industry are presenting their skills and try editing your resume into other formats. Get creative and find the format that works the best for you! Pinterest is a great resource for this (p.s. you can also follow TalentEgg there!)


There are many ways to improve your resume, by adding certifications, changing the format, adding essential skills, and gathering inspiration from others. The best part is that this can all be done without leaving your couch!


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