We all know someone who has a Honda product. That’s exactly what Honda is trying to achieve – affordable high-quality products for everyone.

Honda Canada has celebrated being part of Canadian culture for more than 50 years now, and in honour of this, we wanted to share Honda Canada’s initiatives in supporting the wellbeing of our beautiful country! 

As a company, Honda’s goal is to work towards a better future for all Canadians. Honda has done a great deal to reduce their environmental impact, help those in need, and advance Canadian infrastructure. Read on to find out how they’re building a brighter future for Canada.

Honda Canada Foundation

The Honda Canada Foundation was established in 2005 with four broad goals in mind to help make Canada a better and brighter place: helping families, the environment, encouraging engineering and STEM advancements, and supporting lifelong education for youth. 

The Honda Canada Foundation is proud of the fact that it has helped over 6 million Canadians by providing $2 million in aid and over 3100 volunteer hours annually. Working with Canadian charities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Rick Hansen Foundation, the Canadian Red Cross, and Forest Recovery Canada, Honda Canada is proud to support Canadians in need and the environment through these organizations. The Honda Canada Foundation also operates with future generations in mind – the Foundation supports STEM programs for youth across the country. 

During the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, Honda Canada has not been idle. They are giving back to the community in many ways. Their associates are currently working from home in order to protect employee safety, and their manufacturing facilities are currently open, but following COVID-19 safety precautions.

Honda is working behind the scenes to support the greater good as well. Honda has teamed up with Dynaflow inc. to manufacture essential parts for ventilators, an extremely important medical tool in the fight against COVID-19. Honda Canada has also repurposed their 3D printing technology to manufacture face shields for use by front line workers and helping tackle the personal protective equipment shortages that many medical facilities have faced.

Moreover, Honda has pledged to donate $1 million to supporting essential services, including healthcare and nutrition. Honda is donating directly to food banks and meal programs across North America, and is also matching charitable donations made by their associates. In addition to this pledge, the Honda Canada Foundation has donated $500,000 to serve the communities where their associates and customers live and work. This donation will benefit local food banks, regional health centres, and hospitals to address the growing food insecurity and healthcare shortages faced by these organizations. 

Additionally, Honda’s pandemic response includes a plan to help its communities via “virtual volunteering” — keeping people updated on how they can help relief efforts within their communities, and sharing volunteer photos and stories.

Environmental Awareness

Honda Canada knows how beautiful Canada is, but they also realize how fragile our ecosystems are. That’s why they make a huge effort to keep their manufacturing and corporate practices environmentally responsible, and design with sustainability in mind.

Working with Forest Recovery Canada, Honda’s motto is “one Honda, one tree”. They aim to help regenerate any environmental impact that they have had on Canadian forests. More than just cars, all of Honda’s products including generators, lawnmowers and solar cells, are designed with sustainability in mind . For instance, they ensure that their car designs are 90% recyclable and meet strict emissions standards. Their manufacturing facility in Alliston, Ontario has been achieving zero waste-to-landfill targets since 2007. Now that’s impressive! Honda’s environmental goal is to have two-thirds or 66.6% of their cars running completely electric by 2030, reducing emissions and helping to clean our air. 

Moreover, even Honda’s office spaces are leading the environmental standard – their Markham office building uses 40% less energy and 45% less water than traditional office structures, it has a 99% waste diversion rate, 75% less CO2 emissions than an average building and is LEED Gold Standard Certified. Not to mention the beautiful views and natural lighting in the office!


Honda Canada has been a leader in providing affordable transportation since the very first car Honda launched in Canada in 1973. Today, Honda Canada’s goals are even bigger – they’re aiming to provide mobility for all through their innovative projects centred around helping those with limited mobility. Focused on providing the 3E Vision from their Robotics Concept: Empowerment, Experience and Empathy, Honda’s goal is to integrate life-improving technology into the lives of all Canadians. 

Honda’s ASIMO technology, a walking assistance device used for walking rehabilitation, has been making leaps and bounds to help those with limited mobility. This technology helps us move closer to a more inclusive Canadian future. They’re also developing technology like the 3E-D18 – a “robotic workhorse” that can take over dangerous tasks, and the 3E-A18 – a robotic companion designed to use AI technology to provide comfort to people in stressful situations. Honda’s overarching goal of using integrated technology to improve the lives of Canadians is part of what makes them such a valuable Canadian company.

We hope that you’ve learned a little bit more about the company that has made such a huge impact on the lives of Canadians since 1969. Honda has amazing opportunities waiting for you –  become a part of the Honda Canada family.