4 Ways To Gain Experience From Home During COVID-19


TalentEgg recently surveyed students, new grads and early career professionals across the country about their loss of work during the COVID-19 pandemic. You shared your experience and your struggles with us; we want you to know that we hear you, and we’re here to help. One of the top concerns we heard from students was how to gain work experience and stay competitive in the job market when not many employers are hiring. We have a few resources to help you with just that.

Here are 4 ways you can look for and gain work experience from home during the pandemic:

Freelance Work or Taking Free Online Learning

If possible in your field of study, freelance work can provide a lot of experience and it’s flexible because you can work on your terms, hours and availability. It’s also a great way to connect with several professionals and companies at once and grow your network by showcasing your work. At TalentEgg, we hire freelance writers to contribute to our Incubator blog throughout the year.  You can apply here.  Here are a few websites that can help you find freelance work: 

Freelancer.ca – click “Earn money as a Freelancer” to join the community.
Splice.co – click the “Freelance Sign Up” Button on the top right.
Flexjobs.com – search for freelance work based on your field.

COVID-19 has also encouraged the move to online learning. While you can take a course at a university and pursue a certificate, you can also explore FREE online courses on a variety of topics – art, music, finance, policy, social sciences and so much more. Here are some websites that offer short free online courses that can help you expand your skill set for no cost to you.

TalentEgg Training
Shaw Academy
University of Toronto Free Online Courses

Volunteer or find online remote positions through CharityVillage or TalentEgg

Volunteering your knowledge and services is a great way to gain work experience. CharityVillage is Canada’s largest job board for non-profit careers, and non-profit organizations need volunteers and team members too. Explore their part-time, full-time, remote and volunteer opportunities with organizations making a difference on the frontlines of this pandemic. 

If summer, fall and winter opportunities are your goal, visit TalentEgg’s job board. Employers are currently hiring for summer positions and gearing up to hire for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021. Most employers have moved to a virtual workspace and opportunities will continue to be work-from-home for the near future. Check our job board frequently for new opportunities. 

Federal Student Work Experience Program

The Federal Student Work Experience Program offers opportunities year round for students enrolled in high school, college or university. The program offers full-time and part-time work opportunities in a wide variety of fields including sciences, trades, administration, IT, finance, and more!

So, how does it work? 

This program matches students to employers through various inventories in different fields. When students apply, their application is added to an inventory that is accessible to employers. As employers open up job postings they use the inventory to source an ideal candidate. If your application matches a job opportunity, you will be emailed directly about the opportunity or for an interview.

Find out if you’re eligible for the program, apply to multiple inventories for the best results, and get matched for the summer!

Canadian Student Work Placement Program: 

Similar to the program above, the Canadian Student Work Placement Program is for students enrolled in post-secondary programs with a work placement requirement, such as a co-op, internship, or summer internship requirement. 

Explore various placement opportunities in fields like Aviation, Information and Communication Technology, Biotechnology, Financial Services, Entrepreneurship, Mining, Environmental Sciences and more. 

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Dennis P. Kimbro. So stay positive, keep your job search active, and the opportunity will arrive!

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