#SkillsForLife: What Students and New Grads Can Learn While Working for Vector Marketing


Here is a question for you: what skills do you think are the most important for your career?

Developing job skills is crucial to your career’s long-term success. While school equips you with the knowledge and technical skills required for your dream job, soft skills or “power skills” are equally important for a successful career.

So, What Does That Mean?

It means you need the following skills at every point in your career to grow and advance: effective communication skills, problem solving skills, the ability to embrace a challenge and pivot when you need to, and the ability to instil trust and confidence in people you work with.

Skills For Life

At Vector Marketing they call power skills “Skills For Life” because skills like these can help you grow your career, advance in your job, and even your personal life. We spoke to Shayla Herman and Sherri Dickie to find out what Skills For Life they developed while working at Vector Marketing, and how they are utilizing them as they work from home during the current pandemic.

Shayla Herman
Shayla Herman
Branch Manager, Medicine Hat Office

Shayla joined Vector Marketing as a sales associate after the summer of her first year of university in 2019. Soon after, she was promoted to assistant manager for the Lethbridge office, and this summer she became the Branch Manager for the Medicine Hat office. In the past year, she has  developed and improved on numerous skills including time management, public speaking, communication, networking, and collaboration.

“The Vector experience is next to none and without this experience I wouldn’t have been able to find another [opportunity] that would foster the personal and professional growth I have experienced in the same positive way,” says Shayla.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new challenge to her career: performing her job from home. While her team meets on zoom and the collaboration is still strong, Shayla was concerned about how well she would be able to perform her duties, and sell a product via a digital screen instead of in person. However, Shayla embraced  the challenge and realized that the life skills she had gained working in person are transferable to her new environment. She could make meaningful connections with people virtually too.

Students that work with Vector Marketing have the opportunity boost their resume significantly, especially right now as the company has pivoted to a completely virtual working environment during the current pandemic. Students can learn effective communication skills, develop essential new virtual skills like phone and presentation skills, and develop problem solving skills while working through client objections, allowing them to be nimble during these fast-changing times. Students also have the ability to showcase their initiative which is one of the most in demand skills that employers look for in a candidate.

Sherri Dickie
Sherri Dickie
National Recruitment Manager, Vector Marketing

Sherri also highlights that the most important skill students and new grads learn at Vector Marketing is the skill of selling —  selling an idea, and learning how to sell your professional self in any situation. Sherri learned this crucial skill when she joined Vector Marketing as a shy French and Biology student in 1996. Now she’s the National Recruitment Manager at Vector Marketing.

“A role in sales and marketing was very out of character for me. However 1996 was a transformational summer. I made some lifelong friends and discovered a competitive side I didn’t really realize I had. I also had the opportunity to develop confidence, speaking skills, presentation skills, and time management. Pus, I enjoyed being paid for what I was worth,” says Sherri.

Personal Growth at Vector Marketing

Vector Marketing believes in creating a unique and rewarding work experience for young people. They value people who are hard-working, have a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn. At Vector Marketing, students and new grads can build a resume that can take them anywhere.

Shayla and Sherri encourage students to step out of their comfort zone to grow their skills with Vector:

“It’s important to do things that challenge you, that scare you a little, that’s how we grow” — Sherri Dickie

“To all students out there, seize this opportunity with 100% of your effort! Vector Marketing has the tools, skills, and support system to aid in your success, and the only person holding you back from being successful is you!” — Shayla Herman

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