4 Signs That It’s Time For a New Job


Feeling stuck? Well, it might be time for a big change.

It’s only natural that we make a couple (or several) career changes over the course of our lifetime. Because if you really think about it… how is it even possible to commit to one definitive career path before actually going out there and wholeheartedly experiencing it for what it is?

Even though you may be early in your career, you can definitely be thinking about making a huge career change. Sometimes what we studied and the role we ended up with after graduation doesn’t quite align to where we thought we’d be. That and many other reasons can contribute to feeling like something needs to be shifted. Here are four signs that it’s time to make that leap!

1. You HATE going to work

Most of us aren’t exactly jumping for joy at the thought of heading back to work after a relaxing weekend… and rightfully so. I mean, who wouldn’t rather stay at home to binge the latest Netflix release rather than being stuck at a desk for the entire day?

That said, it’s important to recognize that the sense of dread you have for heading into work should never reach a point where you just feel utterly miserable. If it has actually got to a point where your thoughts and feelings about your current job situation are purely negative, then it’s definitely in your best interest to move on.

Truthfully, it might take a little time to find the right career path for yourself – and that’s okay! Just keep in mind that there’s always something better out there and when you find it, you’ll finally understand why your past jobs didn’t provide you with the same sense of fulfillment.

2. You’re not getting any closer to your goals

Whatever your current job situation, you should be able to recognize the difference between a stepping stone (which will bring you closer to your goals) and a job that really isn’t going to do much for you in the long haul besides filling your time with work and your wallet with money.

The main point here is that your current job situation should somehow pave the way for you to eventually get to where you want to be, in terms of your professional ambitions. For instance, your current job role may provide you with a number of opportunities to develop the skills that will be useful to you a little further down the road. Even possibly (and hopefully) within the same organization.

That being said, if your current role truly doesn’t hold any sort of value that can bridge the gap between where you currently are with where you want to end up, then it’s time to find something that will.

3. There’s little room for growth or development 

It’s an absolute must to reflect on your current situation before making a major career change. Ask yourself a couple of important questions and be honest with yourself.

In terms of your professional ambitions, where do you want to eventually end up? Does your current role support your growth or development in either your professional or personal life? How would you benefit from making a major career change at this point in your life?

When it comes to achieving our long-term goals, it’s important for us to reflect on whether our current circumstances actually position us for success. Often times, people will get way too comfortable at their jobs and lose sight of the fact that there’s actually very little room for growth.

The key here is to recognize when your current job situation has become stagnant and to pull yourself out of it. If not, you could easily lose sight of your professional ambitions in favor of the stability and familiarity you’ve grown accustomed to – and you end up feeling stuck.

If you feel like you’ve outgrown your current role but you do wish to grow within that same organization, you should communicate your desire to develop yourself by taking on more challenging tasks – or you could always keep your eyes peeled for a different role that’s a better fit for your experience and skill level. If you feel like you’ve outgrown the company or that you’d benefit from a change of environment, then making a major career change might be your best bet!

4. You’ve been considering leaving for a while  

If making a major career change has been on your mind for quite some time, then consider that the only sign you need. Someone who’s in an ideal situation doesn’t go looking for other options. If you find yourself constantly scouring the internet for some insight on taking a new direction with your career… then it might be time.

There are a number of factors that can hold us back from making a major career change. For the most part, it’s usually the fear and uncertainty of the unknown that stops us from taking risks. Though we can easily write off our goals as ‘dreams’ to seek comfort in the stability that comes along with sticking to what we’re familiar with, life is way too short to spend most of our days feeling unhappy about the career path that we’ve chosen for ourselves!