How This Arts Grad Found His Place In Insurance!


Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions you will make, so why not choose a path that offers variety and flexibility? A career in insurance provides opportunities to be involved in a stable and constantly growing industry. Whether you’re a people person, math extraordinaire, an excellent planner, or a strategic thinker, the insurance industry has a place for you!

We recently had the chance to chat with Ben Eastman, a Special Lines Consultant with 9 years of experience in the industry. He shares how he got started in insurance, what his typical responsibilities and tasks are, and what you can do if you’re trying to hatch a career in insurance!

Ben Eastman
Ben Eastman
Special Lines Consultant

Starting Out

Ben graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts in 2010. Being a recent grad, he struggled to find his place to start his career. “The job market was rough,” he explains. He recollects having applied to hundreds of job postings with no luck.

Insurance never crossed Ben’s mind until one day luck finally seemed to be on his side. Two of the hundreds of companies he applied to contacted him for an interview, both of which were insurance companies. “I ended up receiving job offers from both companies,” he says. Ben chose the company he currently works for because it offered the most opportunity for advancement. After accepting the job, Ben has never looked back!

Finding the Right Fit and Ben’s Role

Ben’s entire professional journey to date has been in insurance and he is grateful for that. His career began in a sales office in Ottawa.

“I was fortunate enough to work with different sales teams and see first hand what it meant to provide exceptional service and quality advice,” he says.

However, Ben wanted to try out a variety of roles in the industry to see where he’d best fit. He then had the opportunity to move to Guelph to work with his company’s National Underwriting team, while also pursuing his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and his Fellowship Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) designations. The insurance industry provides an environment that encourages growth, and helps you get there! The financial and developmental support within the industry has helped Ben throughout his career to date.

As a result of this investment and his hard work to build his skill set, “When the time came, I was well-positioned to transition into my current role, which is something I am very proud of”.

Ben’s current role is a Special Lines Consultant, which he describes as part Underwriter, part Sales, part Trainer/Coach with responsibilities for developing and maintaining a profitable Farm & Commercial portfolio within the province of Ontario.

Why Insurance?

Ben loves the flexibility that the insurance industry gives him. “In my role I have an opportunity to work from home, from the road, and from agency offices across the province,” Ben tells us. He can facilitate change, assist in innovation and create a great experience for his clients while working work with, coaching, and giving advice to a dynamic salesforce within the company he works for.

He also enjoys the opportunities for growth and continued development. “The amount of change and the way we are empowered to pursue additional learning and education is probably the best thing I like about this industry,” Ben says. Since the industry is always evolving, he knows that he can take his career in insurance to its highest potential.

Ben is passionate about the work he does and feels he fits perfectly in the industry. “I plan on spending my career here,” he says.

Advice and Insights

As someone who has launched a successful career in the industry, Ben knows some of the most effective ways to find the right fit in insurance. He emphasizes the importance of starting a conversation. The industry is all about collaborative individuals who look to build each other up, which allows you to connect with people that have the same interests and skills as you. He states, “I’m always amazed at how inclusive the industry is and how much everyone looks to support each other”.

If you think you might be a perfect candidate for a career in insurance, check out Career Connections to learn more and find your place in this rewarding industry!

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