Grow your Leadership Potential with Shift Coaching


Here’s an age-old question: are leaders born or made? You may give yourself excuses, tell yourself you’re just not built to be a leader, or, better yet, you simply don’t need to lead! Or you can take charge and learn something new that can transform your career.

Shift Coaching is on a mission to redefine leadership. Their one of a kind program helps anyone become a better communicator and ultimately a leader. No matter what educational background or industry you’re coming from, you can benefit from this mindset shift and help others too!

Sarah Ross
Sarah Ross
Acadia University Grad 2018
Pursuing a career in HR

Coming from a sports coaching background, Sarah Ross wanted to uplevel her leadership skills. At this point in her life, she felt the need to figure out how her skills could be transferred and applied in a professional setting. Shift Coaching was the perfect solution as it focuses on coaching instead of consulting. In Sarah’s words: “Unlike consulting, coaching is a role where you provide support to the client so they can find their own answers.”

The program has three components:

1. Learning Shift: learn the basics of coaching in an engaging, interactive way, that allows plenty of room for practice and feedback
2. Transformation Shift: Dive deeper into the main coaching framework, practice your coaching with a peer, and receive in time feedback from mentor coaches
3. Practice Shift: Get out there and practice your coaching skills, with support from a coaching peer, as well as a mentor coach

Sarah is still in the process of finishing the program, but she’s already seen the results! “While I am still completing the course, I am very inspired thus far. I have helped several clients in coaching sessions and have been able to see positive results. I have become more confident in my own abilities and been able to see my clients light up when they solve a problem through our sessions. It is very rewarding and fulfilling to know you are helping someone reach their own goals,” says Sarah.

No matter what you’re studying or which industry you’re in, being a good leader is one of those extremely valuable and versatile skills that everyone needs. All jobs involve working with people in some capacity and being able to communicate effectively is the key.

This approach helps people own their decisions and feel that they’re in charge of their lives. If this is not the definition of empowerment, then what is?

Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller
Contract Government Sales/Business Owner

We all love to feel inspired. How many times have you watched a motivational webinar about goal setting, time management, or anything else that promised to change your life? But how many times have you actually applied what you learned? There’s a great difference between programs that encourage dreams and those that inspire action. “Shift has a unique way of immersing you in experiences that will stay with you for years to come,” says Jordan Miller.

Jordan is getting ready to hire a new team member and needed a framework to identify the right candidate. He also wanted to make sure he’s setting this new person up for success. In Jordan’s words: “Leadership means providing the people around you with the tools and environment that allow them to do their best work.”

The Shift Coaching program didn’t disappoint. “The interactive nature of the program was the most memorable. This is not a typical program where you sit and take notes,” says Jordan.

He learned a lot about himself too – his strengths and areas that needed improvement when it comes to working with people. Even if you think that you won’t work with people that much, think again. It’s true that some jobs are more individual-focused, but you’ll have to present an idea, convince someone or ask for something more often than you think. That’s where these great skills will come in handy! Shift Coaching teaches how to be resilient and productive, especially in challenging situations.

Jordan was able to absorb and apply all the information so effectively because he joined the program with an open mind.

If you’d like to learn more about leadership and get a unique chance to participate in the Shift Coaching program, find out more here!

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Good luck and lead on!