The Reimagined Student Experience at BMO


At BMO, students can use their talents and interests to make a real impact. Surrounding yourself with a team where you can learn, grow and be recognized for the great work that you do is what BMO is all about. With operations spanning the globe, BMO is looking to foster new experiences with a dynamic, purpose-driven team.

2019 has been a year of transformation for BMO’s Campus Program and 2020 will continue to put the student experience at the forefront, ensuring that they are seen as a top employer of choice. BMO is launching a Reimagined Student Experience that was developed with students’ interests in mind. Here’s a breakdown of what the new:


Student Programming

BMO is dedicated to bringing students and employees together. With the following supportive programs, that include mentorship and networking opportunities, students can make meaningful connections, develop their skills and deepen their knowledge of the banking industry.

BMO First Friend Program

IMG_6827In their first week onboard, students will be introduced to the BMO First Friend Program. This program is designed to jumpstart students’ networks within BMO. Students will be connected to other students within their region and line of business to collaborate and motivate each other while navigating being a new employee. With the First Friend Program, BMO’s goal is to foster strong, resilient and supportive relationships within the BMO community that build a foundation for success — both for the employee and the company.


Networking and Development Events

A major benefit of the Reimagined Student Experience is the focus on providing opportunities for students to develop their professional skills along with connecting with other students and BMO employees. Five events offered throughout the course of the work-term give students the chance to connect with each other and with professionals in the company. Here are some exciting events that are in the works:

  • Student Squad: A student-led team that organizes social outings for the students to get together such as pub nights, game nights, sports events, etc. There’s also a group chat on a communication network for students to opt-in and stay up to date future student social events.
  • Campus Pop-Up Socials: These are informal pop-up opportunities for students to come together for a few hours of fun. One of the previous pop-up socials was game-themed!
  • Discover BMO: An informative session where students can learn about other areas of the bank and network with BMO employees to determine where they would like to explore future work term opportunities.
  • Manager/Student of the Term Awards: Each term, BMO puts out a call for students and managers to nominate both a student and manager of the term. The winners are announced at the End of Term Farewell event.

Information and Development

IMG_6826In addition to networking, the Reimagined Student Experience strives to keep students in the loop. Initiatives like the BMO Blast, a biweekly newsletter that helps to inform students on everything going on within BMO, was recently introduced. From important updates to tidbits of helpful information, such as highlighting the BMO On-The-Go App, events students can participate in, like the CN Tower Climb for United Way and more! Online surveys are also provided to allow for an easier and faster way to gather student & manager feedback on the program.

Students’ well-being is also a priority for BMO. The Reimagined Student Experience holds two weeks of programming each term dedicated to students’ well-being and development. The first week of the program is called “Development Week” and provides students with helpful tips and tricks for being productive, like using Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, writing emails and more. The second week focuses on student health with “Wellness Week” that offers tips on work-life balance, good nutrition, physical wellbeing, and social connectivity.

Campus Influencer Program

Each term, students can earn the opportunity to represent BMO on campus as Campus Influencers. What exactly is a Campus Influencer? Well, Campus Influencers connect with students and faculty to share BMO’s values, story, culture, and open positions. It’s a great opportunity for students to learn to represent an employer in a professional manner, develop critical soft skills and greatly improve their resumes. The BMO Influencers are encouraged to connect with students on campus through coffee chats, represent BMO during on-campus events and use their personal social media channels to showcase the opportunities available at BMO and why it’s a great place to work.

Social Media Outreach Strategy

BMO launched their @BMO_on_Campus account on Instagram in May 2019 to provide engaging and authentic content for students. Their audience has reached over 1000 followers and BMO offers a variety of fun and engaging content including giveaway opportunities for students to interact with the BMO team in 1:1 settings. In addition, BMO has a BMO Campus Recruitment & Early Talent group on LinkedIn and a Twitter account (@BMOonCampus) which has over 3000 followers!

Student Leadership Summit


This summer, BMO will be hosting a 3-day conference for returning summer intern students. This epic event will be held at BMO’s IFL (Institute for Learning) with a focus on learning and development. Stay tuned to their social media for more updates as this is going to be a huge initiative in the BMO Student Experience!

Engagement Strategy

On top of all of that, BMO has a communication plan for students who have signed offers with BMO but will not be starting for several months. This is typically a time when students feel anxious about starting a new position at a company and have very little contact with their future employer. Not at BMO! The goal of the Reimagined Student Experience is to have regular outreach to them during this period with personalized cards, greetings from their business lines, “What’s New” at BMO newsletters, and a “What to Expect” call prior to their start date, so you become part of the team even before you start work!

BMO is a company that is dedicated to providing the most interactive and beneficial opportunities to students. The new Reimagined Student Experience is a great initiative that caters to the needs of students and can help you launch a successful career in the banking industry with a top employer. Ready to start your career with BMO? Explore all of the internship positions here!