How to Recuperate After Exams


Exams are finally over, but what should you do now? There’s no sense in worrying about test results until they come out, so don’t feel guilty about taking a break! It’s important to relax and check-in with yourself after a stressful exam season. Studying for exams after a long semester drains a lot of mental energy that you may not have noticed has depleted. Getting closure about the semester as well as relaxing is crucial to be able to enjoy the holidays.

But how can you relax after being so stressed? Productive and distracting activities are key to helping your mind focus on something other than memorizing and test-taking. By doing a variety of positive activities, you can relax and get out of the exam mindset. Changing up your routine will refresh your attitude and you will be ready to start enjoying the break before classes resume. Before the holiday break ends, try some of these suggestions to re-energize and practice some self-care.

Organize Class Notes

Take some time to organize your notes, both for semester-long classes that are over and for year-long classes. You can file old notes and clear up some desk space as well as save digital notes in organized folders. Remember to keep important readings, articles or notes that will be helpful in future courses. As well, investigate selling back textbooks to make some extra money. You can contact your school’s bookstore and look at online textbook groups. Finally, read over and summarize notes for year-long courses so that you can start back in January with a positive and fresh attitude.

Write Thank-You Notes

An unexpected, but rewarding task is writing short thank-you notes to teaching assistants, professors or administrators who helped you during the semester. Let people know how much you appreciate their support. Showing your appreciation is a good way to end the semester on a positive note and start building those lasting connections. Write brief notes thanking the person for the specific help that they gave you during the semester. You can even include holiday greetings to spread some early holiday cheer!

Reconnect with Friends

Before everyone begins their holiday vacation, reach out to friends and make some plans to get together. Socializing is an excellent way to recharge after focusing on studying. During the exam period, it can be hard to make time to do anything other than study. However, in order to reflect and relax, it’s important to spend some time with friends and to check in on them to make sure they’re also taking a break! Go out and celebrate the end of classes together, or maybe staying in and having a Netflix marathon is more your style – whatever it is, enjoy some quality time together!

Get Crackin’ on Holiday Gift Shopping

Spend some time exploring holiday markets, malls, and neighbourhoods now that you have some free time. Start looking for holiday gifts for friends and family early and enjoy the relaxing shopping time! During exams, it’s easy to spend all your time either at home or the library, so take some time to walk around the city. Use the excuse of looking for gifts to get out and explore.

It can be hard to remember how to relax after being so stressed for exams. But you can’t run on an empty tank forever. Try these activities to help reflect on the semester and to bring back some positivity! It’s important to take care of yourself after working so hard. You deserve it.