Why Finding The Right Culture Fit Is A Big Deal


We spend a lot of our time in the workplace (unless you’ve managed to land a sweet remote position), so working in an environment that we find enjoyable can be a major game-changer.

In essence, finding the right cultural fit isn’t about becoming best friends with every single person you meet at work. But rather, just achieving a certain level of comfort around your peers to make it easier for you to foster healthy professional relationships within the workplace. In turn, this will facilitate better collaboration and enhance workflow processes on multiple levels within the office ecosystem.

However, this isn’t the only reason why finding the right culture fit should be among your list of priorities. At its worst, a poor culture fit can expose you to toxic coworkers, which can potentially become the source of unwarranted negativity or even, a hostile work environment – which is definitely not what you want.

Here are the top four reasons why finding the right culture fit is a very big deal!

1. Facilitates better communication and collaboration

For the most part, working alone isn’t always an option. Even if your job responsibilities are predominantly tied to tasks that can be performed independently, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to work with others from time to time.

More businesses are acknowledging the fact that a stronger sense of social cohesion for employees can increase productivity within the workplace ecosystem. For this reason, more companies are investing in team-building activities to encourage a greater sense of comradely for their employees.

The thing is – when you genuinely get along with your coworkers, it breaks down the barriers in communication that can manifest in work relationships. Developing a stronger connection with your coworkers (which goes beyond the surface level) can afford us a much better understanding of how to communicate more effectively with the different personalities we encounter in the workplace, which will promote better collaboration.

2. You’re happier at work

Let’s be real, most of us aren’t exactly jumping for joy at the thought of heading back to the office on Monday. But when you don’t really feel like you fit in at work, this sense of dread intensifies threefold.

Humans are social beings. Having a strong sense of belonging among our peers can make us feel a lot happier in the workplace. And developing a genuine connection with our team members can make us feel more appreciated.

But there are a number of other reasons why finding the right culture fit comes with a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness. A positive work environment generally puts us in the presence of those who do want to support our growth and development within a given organization. That said, we tend to flourish in positive work settings because the best leadership styles will recognize the value of investing in their team members.

3. Improves your productivity

Most of us don’t wake up feeling super stoked about tackling our long to-do list for the day… but work is work. When you feel like a valuable constituent of the corporate entity, you definitely develop a stronger sense of motivation to pick up the pace.

It’s really important for you to be able to tell when you’re caught up in a poor culture fit and to pull yourself out of it! Working somewhere where you don’t exactly feel like you fit in with the culture can come with a number of challenges that’ll hinder both your work ethic and your productivity.

For instance, when you’re surrounded by toxic coworkers or worse, your boss is the one who’s giving you a hard time – you’ll feel uncomfortable speaking up about work-related matters and you just won’t feel as inspired to bring your A-game to work.

4. Greater sense of emotional well-being

We spend a lot of our time in the workplace! It can be incredibly taxing on your soul to work in an environment where you simply don’t feel like you belong, or worse, the people are clique-y.

Aside from it being a less than ideal situation, a poor culture fit can put you in a position where you’re more likely to face a variety of challenging situations associated with unwarranted negativity.

Your mental health always comes first.

Finding the right cultural fit can positively impact your emotional well-being, along with providing you with a greater sense of fulfillment in your job role. Think about it this way – there are already plenty of stressful situations you’re bound to encounter at work, so there’s truly no need to willingly throw yourself into a position where you also have to stress about the people you work with!