How You Can Make An Impact Early On In Your Career


Any recent grad will tell you it’s hard to stand out these days. While trying to set yourself apart from the pack of other like minded entry-level employees might seem impossible, there are many ways you can make an impact early on in your career. Keep reading to find out how.

Back to Basics

So you’ve landed an interview at your dream job. You nailed the interview and walked out feeling confident. Just as you started feeling positive, you pass other candidates who seem just as confident as you, and your aspirations come crashing down. You rack your brain thinking of ways you can stand out.

In a situation like this, it’s always a good idea to go back to basics. When you applied for your first part-time job in high school, what did you do after you interviewed? You probably waited a few days and then called to follow up. Applying these standard best practices to an entry-level job in your field is just as effective as when you did it for your first job. Following up via email right after your interview shows your potential employer that you aren’t passive about your pursuits, but rather eager about starting your career with their organization.

Fingers crossed you’ll be welcomed into a new team that values your aptitudes in the workplace. So how can you continue making an impact?

Remember when you were in the junior sports league and your parents would tell you to give 110 percent? That advice applies at any point in your career and is something you should live by. Any project you take on in your new job should be tackled with the same passion and dedication as when you suited up to hit a home run when you were a kid.

Say you’ve just finished a report that your boss assigned to you. You’re looking it over and everything sounds good, all elements are in place. If you were to grade it, you’d be confident in giving yourself a B +, or even an A-. Perfectly acceptable. You are about to send it off to your supervisor when you think to yourself “How can I make this an A + worthy report?”

Putting in that extra 10 percent will set you apart as an employee that doesn’t settle for satisfactory but instead strives to provide the best work possible, establishing yourself as a valuable member of your organization’s team.

Take Risks

This might seem strange but one certain way to make an impact early in your career is to throw caution to the wind and take risks. While it might be easy to coast on playing it safe, you’re sure to fade into the background. This isn’t to say that you should wreak havoc when you start at a new job. However, as a fresh pair of eyes on a new team, you’re likely to bring new thoughts and innovative ideas that could breathe life into an organization. If you notice something could be optimized but are worried you might step on some toes, it probably means what you’re suggesting is valuable. It’s important to remember that habits are hard to break, and you might be met with resistance, but if you truly think the risk is worth the reward, push further. You’d be surprised at how much impact your idea could make.

Think Outside the Box

This should go without saying. However, sometimes, when a new grad starts a job in their field, they’re wary of trying something different because they run the risk of disrupting order. Still, what employers look for the most right now are the candidates who can bring new ideas to the table in order to keep an organization adaptable and sustainable.

Get Digital

Once you’ve established yourself as a go-getter within your organization, it’s time to start cataloguing your achievements for when you are ready to take the next step in your career. In this digital age, it isn’t enough to have a simple resume outlining your experience and education. More and more employers are looking for a strong online presence when they are vetting candidates as this demonstrates a knowledge of the modern landscape. Create an online portfolio of the projects you’ve implemented or contributed to that show inputs and outputs. Or create a digital version of your resume that is more interactive for employers, allowing them to see more details of your previous experience. This highlights your successes a lot more effectively than a traditional resume on its own. Tip: Share a video pitch of yourself on TalentEgg’s new platform to go the extra mile! You should also regularly update your LinkedIn profile with new skills, new connections and certificates to keep your name on the radar of higher-ups in the digital communities. You never know who might be scrolling through their feeds looking for their next hire!

Always Continue Growing

Just because you’ve finished school and are now working doesn’t mean you should close the door on the pursuit of knowledge. There are numerous online certificate courses you can take to expand your understanding of key concepts and develop new skills that could benefit you down the road. This shows incredible initiative and ambition to better yourself, leaving employers determined to have you or keep you on their team.

These simple tips will help you begin a meaningful and egg-citing career if you’re willing to put in the work. We hope that these inspire you to reach new horizons!