Lifelong Learning Helped This Insurance Professional Land the Job of Her Dreams


Lifelong learning and career growth make the insurance industry unique. With exciting new jobs being created and new challenges to tackle, the industry has something to offer everyone.  A career in insurance can let you take your passions and education — whether it be sports, music, film, tech or business – and, help you connect to the right role for you!

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Andrea Vollans, a Business Analyst in the insurance industry. Though her entry into the industry was unconventional, coming after an accident that left her reconsidering her future career options, she has never looked back and is thankful for the endless opportunities it has provided her.

Andrea Vollans
Andrea Vollans
Business Analyst

Now with over 13 years of experience, Andrea has navigated the insurance industry with a desire to learn and grow while enjoying the constantly evolving and changing sector.

The Starting Point

From an accident that left Andrea with two broken feet, she was left in a limbo reconsidering her career prospects. Departing her job as a camp counsellor, she was considering returning to school until she saw a friend of hers begin a new job at a local brokerage and became intrigued.

The Career Journey

With over a decade in the industry, Andrea has explored a variety of insurance roles. Beginning at her local brokerage and learning the ropes of insurance, she serviced policies exclusively over the phone for clients all across Ontario. Soon after, she wanted to expand her understanding of the business and sought out new opportunities, “I wanted to gain experience in a more “traditional” brokerage, so I left my first insurance job,” Andrea explains.

In her new role, Andrea was encouraged in her interest to learn and grow. “The company I was with supported my desire to expand my knowledge and they covered the costs for additional designations,” Andrea says.

During this time, she was also fortunate to expand her network as a member of the Windsor Essex County Insurance Brokers Association board serving as both Secretary and Treasurer.

But Andrea did not stop there!

Andrea became an Insurance Institute Ambassador – a role she loves!  “This gave me the opportunity to share my passion [for] the insurance industry with others who were searching out their own career path”, she says.

As exciting as these opportunities were, Andrea wanted to continue expanding her knowledge. “I was looking to expand my knowledge even further when an opportunity presented itself to me. Although it was a very difficult decision to leave my role with the brokerage and the board, I could not pass up the opportunity to grow, professionally, in a whole new sector; InsureTech.”

Today, Andrea leverages her years of experience in the insurance industry and works as a Business Analyst. In her role, she monitors the emerging industry and product trends to develop new features, increase the functionality within the software, and improve comparative quoting and workflows for brokers.

The transition into InsureTech has proved to be challenging but that’s what Andrea has come to enjoy. She feels rewarded when she’s using her acquired knowledge of the industry and is contributing to building the applications and software solutions that help brokers do their job well.

Why Insurance?

Andrea loves that working in insurance is never boring. She states, “I think I fell into the industry out of necessity but stayed because it fulfilled my desire to always grow and learn”.

As the insurance industry has provided her with numerous rewarding opportunities, she has found enjoyment from the need to develop professionally to achieve career success.

Advice and Insights

When asked her advice to those considering insurance as a career option she encourages students and grads to look beyond the preconceived notions of the field. She says, “don’t believe that insurance is boring or that being in insurance means you’re in sales.  There really [are] so many opportunities within the insurance umbrella. Understand your passions and see what the industry has to offer!” Andrea exclaims.

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