4 Signs that it’s Time to Quit your Job


It’s weighed heavily on your mind for weeks, months even. Your friends and family have heard all about it, along with every excuse you’ve used to justify why you haven’t gone through with it yet.

You want to quit your job

Making the decision to leave your job is never easy. It takes a lot of courage to pass up the security of a steady paycheck for the uncertainty that comes with unemployment.

The thing is, we all have our bad days and much to our chagrin, things don’t always go our way in the real world. The real question is: how do you know if your current situation is just one of those things you need to tough out or if it’s really time to call it quits?

Not sure if it’s time to hand in your resignation? Here are four signs that it’s time to move on!

You’re Always Miserable

The ideal work situation is always contingent on the same basic principles. What it generally comes down to is passion, culture fit, and income. Ultimately, these variables carry different weight for all of us because we all have a different metric for determining our own job satisfaction.

Regardless, there’s a universal law that should apply – you shouldn’t feel completely miserable about your job situation every single day.

Stressed out? Of course. Bored? Every now and then. Less than enthused about how much work you need to do? For sure.

But miserable? Never.

If you ever reach a point where your job, even if nothing particularly upsetting or horrible happens, becomes the biggest stressor in your life, then it’s time to quit.

Staying at a job that makes you miserable day after day is the easiest way to get caught up in a vicious cycle of being unhappy with your situation and not doing much about it.

You’re Okay with Doing the Bare Minimum

Always showing up late? Taking really long lunches? Complaining about your job 24/7?

Not everyone brings their A-game to every single workday, but it’s a serious problem when your lack of enthusiasm for your job actually starts to hinder your work ethic and productivity.

If you’re already unhappy with your current situation, then you get comfortable with doing the bare minimum just to get by… it’s safe to say that not much is going to change.

In this case, quitting your job might actually be one of the best things you do for yourself. Take control of your situation by acknowledging that something just really isn’t working for you. Make the move to open yourself up to new opportunities by finding a career path that inspires, motivates, and even challenges you to be a better version of yourself.

Your Workplace is Tainted with Negativity

As adults, it’s a given that we’re not going to get along with every single person that we cross paths with and that’s completely fine. But since we do spend the majority of our time at work, the right culture fit can make a world of a difference on our perceived job satisfaction.

But obviously, things are easier said than done.

In reality, toxic coworkers are far too common in the workplace. Though it’s not necessary for you to be everyone’s best friend, a negative or hostile work environment is something you should never become comfortable with.

It’s really important to recognize that this isn’t just an unfavourable circumstance. Ultimately, a workplace that’s tainted with negativity can present a number of situations that work against you in the long run!

A major tell-tale sign that it’s time to quit? When the negativity is so severe that you’re uncomfortable speaking up or voicing your opinion on work-related matters.

You’re Reading this Article

Frankly, someone who’s content with their current situation isn’t always on the lookout for answers. If you find yourself constantly scouring the internet for support or advice about whether or not you should quit your job…it might be a good idea to just go through with it.

A lot of us don’t end up at our dream jobs, and that’s okay. A ‘less than ideal’ work situation isn’t one where you simply just didn’t end up at your dream job. Rather, it’s when your current job isn’t doing much for you in general. You don’t have any opportunities for growth either on a professional or personal level. And you really can’t see how it brings you any closer to your professional goals.

Time is precious. Why waste your time at a job that makes you feel miserable 24/7, when you can take a leap of faith and trust that you’ll find something that’s in closer alignment with your professional ambitions? Or something that just doesn’t make you feel miserable day after day – it’s out there!