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Insurance is an essential part of virtually everything we do in life and business. And, it is at the forefront of game-changing issues like climate change, cybersecurity, AI and analytics, and the sharing economy!

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Naj Mankal, a Corporate Risk Consultant who works at a Health Sciences Centre.

Naj Mankal
Naj Mankal
Corporate Risk Consultant
Business Insurance Program

With a long-tenured and rewarding career thus far, Naj shares why he chose insurance, how it has created a pathway for a rich and rewarding career, and his advice for anyone looking to venture into the industry.

Starting Out

Throughout high school and college, Naj worked as a page in community relations in the public library system. After graduating from a two-year Business Insurance program, Naj was on his ideal career track and secured his first position supporting personal lines products at an insurance company.

Finding the Right Fit

Because it touches so many aspects of our lives, the insurance industry is very broad in scope and offers a wide variety of great careers for professionals with diverse educational backgrounds, interests, skill sets, and experiences.

Having built his business acumen and gaining some experience as a Personal Lines Support Clerk, Naj was able to further his career and take on different challenges. “Within 6 months, I was promoted to a Physical Damage Claims Representative handling automobile claims over the telephone,” Naj tells us. Over the next 7 years, Naj would continue to navigate his career to roles that were aligned to his interests and goals “including a lateral move into another Physical Damage Claims Representative role, and then as a Casualty Field Claims Representative, and eventually, an Intermediate Casualty Claims Representative”.

He then deepened his insurance education and claims expertise to take on roles as a Senior Casualty Litigation Representative and a Senior Claims Examiner, before ultimately landing in his dream career opportunity as a Corporate Risk Consultant in healthcare, “…where I hope to be in until my retirement”, he says.

Why Insurance?

Naj absolutely loves his work and has remained passionate about the industry since his time in college. He explains that the reason he decided to study and pursue his career in insurance was because it aligns with his personal goals and interests.

Advice and Insights

After 20+ years in the industry, Naj continues to learn and grow. He shared how the industry has helped him further his education and, ultimately, his career. The industry as a whole encourages continued education and, more often than not, offers financial support to help you along the way.

Naj has completed his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP), Fellowship Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP), and Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designations. The combination of this knowledge, his experience, and his work ethic helped him to steer his career to exactly where he wanted to go.

Naj encourages early career professionals “to continue taking courses as it will not only be fully paid for, but it will also propel your career and increase the value you can add to your company”.

The insurance industry is a fast-growing sector that offers many opportunities for growth. The skills you learn in this industry can last a lifetime!

If you’re inspired to find your place in insurance, check out Career Connections!

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