Core Values Explained – Honda Canada


Honda Canada truly stands behind its core values, it’s mission and vision for the future. We all spend so much time at work, so it’s crucial to make sure that you work for the company that aligns with your life values. Read on to find out what Honda believes in. If you share the same values, Honda just might be the workplace of your dreams!

Before we illustrate, let’s define core values. Core values are fundamental beliefs, guiding principles that dictate behaviour and act as a navigation system in various situations. Both an organization and a person can possess core values.

Honda Canada’s Core Values are Dreams, Joy, Challenging Spirit, Passion and Respect. To understand whether you’re a good fit, it’s important to explore each of these values and determine if they align with your personal beliefs.

Now Let’s Break Them Down

Honda Canada believes in the power of dreams. Honda associates call each other dream enablers because they help their community. Honda also dreams of Blue Skies for Our Children. This is why: “Dreams are our commitments to future Generations.”


Honda also believes that everything you do should bring you joy. Moreover, joy is a conscious choice of being happy due to a sense of belonging to something greater than yourself. Helping others achieve their goals, whether it’s the customers or your co-workers, are also examples of the power of joy.

Challenging spirit refers to viewing challenges as opportunities. It’s really up to you to decide if you get discouraged or motivated by your obstacles, and Honda stands behind this positive mindset. “We are energized by the unwavering quest for a better way, and we are consistently inspired to exceed the limits of imagination,” is how Honda defines “challenging spirit”.

Passion is simple – when you’re excited about the work that you’re doing, the industry that you’re developing and the lives that you’re affecting, you feel more and more passionate about it every day. Your role might not be the most senior at first, but in the right organization, you will feel that you’re making a difference with every simple task. Passion becomes contagious and compelling, it pushes you further than you could ever imagine, and it fuels you to advance the human experience. Honda believes that the passion of its associates will enable it to be an engine for positive change and become a company that Canadian society wants to exist.

Respect is where it all begins. “Respect is a belief in the highest potential of each and every human being.” By believing in people, you’re setting a standard for communication around you. You’re ensuring that everybody who works with you feels comfortable to share, collaborate and work through the tough times and support each other to celebrate the good times.


From Research to Action

Now that you’ve learned about Honda Canada’s values, ask yourself: “Do my personal values align with these?” If the answer is yes, here are some of the tips for showcasing that during an interview or even when writing your cover letter.

These qualities are best explained through behavioural scenarios.

  • Try to think of a time where you had a dream that pushed you to reach your full potential.
  • Think of a situation where the joy of a particular task made you go above and beyond for a mutual goal.
  • Remember a situation where you encountered a difficulty but overcame it. Be descriptive with what you’ve learned and how you are going to approach a similar challenge in the future.
  • Look back to a time when you’ve felt very passionate about a certain idea. What sparked that passion and how did it help you stand out?
  • Finally, describe your work ethic, your teamwork skills and your conflict resolution techniques.
  • If these values speak to you, make sure to check out job opportunities with Honda Canada here.