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Export Development Canada (EDC) is all about international business, finance and risk management. But, above all, EDC is about valuing its people, helping them grow and making them happy. We interviewed three early career employees from different departments to find out about their roles, what they love about working for EDC and why it’s is a great place to hatch your career. Read what they had to say below!

Priya Srinivasan
Priya Srinivasan
Associate, International Financing Guarantees
University of Ottawa, Management

Even before studying business, Priya Srinivasan has always been drawn to global issues and the corporate world. EDC was the place that combined everything she liked about the business world: “It was only during the latter half of my university degree when I really started gaining an interest in international business. I started doing research into the company and realized that EDC’s space was exactly [what I] wanted to grow my career in – a perfect harmony of international business, global trade and financial services.” In fact, Priya describes this as her “a-ha” moment.

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Making it Happen

Wanting to take the next step in her career, Priya decided to take a leap and messaged an EDC recruiter on LinkedIn.

Since Priya wanted to work with EDC, she did not mention any specific role, but expressed her interest in the oganization itself. This time everything worked out and Priya believes that this was serendipity.

On the Job

Fast forward to today, Priya has been with EDC for a year. She started on a student contract and was then promoted internally to an Associate at International Guarantees. In this role, she works “with Canadian exporters and Canadian banks to provide guarantees on their loans so that the company can get greater access to the working capital they need to grow their business abroad.”

There are certain aspects of her job that make it special for Priya. From the very beginning she felt valued. She was doing the same work full-time associates were doing and felt how her contributions affected Canada’s GDP and the global economy.

But it’s not just the compelling work at EDC that inspires her. Priya says that the people she works with make the biggest difference. “I know this sounds so cliché, but I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the first place I’ve worked where everyone I’ve talked to or met genuinely enjoys their work! When everyone around you is content and happy and stress-free, it adds such a boost to your mood and productivity,” says Priya.

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“Core” Values

EDC doesn’t just hire the best people, it also takes care of them. On-site gym and fitness classes, green initiatives and office events all make Priya and other employees feel special and recharged. In addition to boxing, yoga and spin classes, Priya organized a daily “plank challenge” within her team to promote their “core values”. Priya says that these activities are the best way to meet people at EDC.

Sagar Kaushal
Sagar Kaushal
Student, Credit Risk Services
University of Ottawa, Finance

Similar to Priya, Sagar Kaushal always wanted to work for EDC because of the great things he heard about the organization great culture, finance orientation, extraordinary work-life balance and more. EDC didn’t disappoint – Sagar’s work highlights include working with talented and diverse colleagues, meaningful projects he is contributing to and being involved in fun office events. But how did he get there? After making a connection during a campus event with a recruiter, Sagar stood out thanks to his personality, drive and outstanding communication skills. He took the leap, networked, applied and was hired!

Making an Impact

Although Sagar has only been with EDC for 3 months, he already feels how his work contributes to the greater goals of the organization. “I am treated just like everyone else and I don’t feel like I’m a student, even though I am,” says Sagar. Moreover, he highlights management’s openness to ideas and dedication to making daily processes more effective.

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This is all possible because EDC promotes problem-solving mindset and curiosity so that no one is afraid to speak their minds. “Whenever I can recommend a better way of doing things, question something, I’m always confident. I know that my idea won’t be tossed away, I know I’ll be taken seriously,” Sagar says.

Succeeding at EDC

Here’s some advice that Sagar offers to those who want to work at EDC:

  • Be open to learning and let your natural curiosity breakthrough
  • Remember that one number or even one zero can make a huge difference when it comes to finance
  • Learn to be OK with getting disoriented – that’s a part of learning
  • Being introverted is ok, but make an effort to talk to people, voice your opinion, learn to talk in front of a group

  • Samantha Caldwell
    Samantha Caldwell
    Senior Associate, Global Trade
    Queen’s University, History and Politics

    Samatha Caldwell is an ambitious and adventurous individual who never knew her career path would lead her to EDC. After completing her undergrad in history and politics, she wanted to continue her studies at law school. However, she discovered EDC, applied, got hired and just couldn’t leave! “Looking back now, I’m very grateful for how things shaped up,” says Samantha.

    Here to Stay

    What made Samantha want to stay and change her career trajectory? She says EDC isn’t “just another financial institution”, it’s a place where everyone truly believes in the mandate of supporting Canadian companies internationally. On top of that, Samantha also points out the positive and supportive culture at EDC.

    In addition to what EDC provides for its employees, the organization also empowers employees to create change themselves. Samantha for example is on a committee called Women@EDC where she organizes lunch and learn events and networking sessions to help women within EDC achieve their professional goals. She also actively participates in events hosted by EDC’s Growing Professional Committee where she grows her network and recharges for new work projects.

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    In terms of work, Samantha is involved in very important and meaningful projects that help promote Canadian companies into international supply chains in the mining sector.

    Success Defined

    Samantha thinks that the most important skill at EDC is curiosity. Getting involved, asking questions and redefining the norm are all keys to success. She suggests putting your hands up for extra projects, networking (simply inviting people for coffee) and taking advantage of EDC’s perks – gym, work from home flexibility, office events and developing meaningful relationships with like-minded colleagues in a supportive culture.

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    Here’s a glimpse of what EDC can offer you – a world full of possibilities, growth and an inclusive culture. Explore jobs with EDC and apply here!