How to Dress for Success in Every Phase of your Job Hunt


The professional world is changing. What used to be a suit and tie company is now a dress shirt type of place. But not always. Did we confuse you? We’re going to try and guide you through the proper dress code for different work-related situations – read on!

Job Interview

This is the time to dress up. It all depends on the company culture, but you often wouldn’t know what exactly is appropriate before you visit the office. Before your interview, look up the company’s social media to get the vibe of the dress code. If it’s a highly creative company that appreciates people who express themselves, try to add a little bit of personality to your ensemble. Maybe it’s a bright top or a bold lipstick or fun socks or a funky bow tie. Stay away from anything inappropriate or risky though – don’t take it too far.

This applies to video interviews too. The upside of those is that you only need to look good from the waist up!

First Day at Work

Similar to the job interview, play it safe before you know for sure what’s appropriate. If you’re overdressed, you’ll make a great impression and come across as a person who puts in the egg-stra effort. If you’re underdressed though, you might come across as someone who doesn’t try as hard.

As you get acquainted, you will notice what people around you wear and this will help you guide your future clothing decisions.

Work Event

Even if your workplace is very casual, it’s usually expected that you dress up for a work event whether it’s  a conference, a meeting with a client or a partner, or something where you will be representing the company’s brand. Try to dress up as you would for your first day at work.

If it’s an internal event (going out for lunch & learn for instance), dressing up is optional, but it’s never a bad idea to show that you care.

The Daily Grind

This totally depends on the company. We’re seeing more and more extra-casual workplaces, which is very liberating. Companies understand that people are happier when they are allowed to dress comfortably but have the option to look nice. Everyone has bad hair days, so worrying about what your boss will think of you is just added stress. Plus, Canadian winters make it hard to wear cute shoes and tops when you have to layer up to save your life!

General Comments

A few more tips for you before you go!

  • Too revealing clothes are never a good idea. Stay away from plunging necklines, cropped tops, too short skirts or shorts or flip flops.
  • There’s a difference between a sleeveless blouse and a tank top. The first one is OK, the second one – only for a barbeque event.
  • Unless you’re attending a sports event, athletic clothes is considered too informal.

Dress codes usually speak volumes about the company culture, so take note of it before you accept the job offer. If your days gets brighter when you pick out a cool outfit and your workplace limits you to formal attire, maybe there’s a disconnect there.

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