Celebrating 50 Years in Canada – Honda Canada


Honda Canada has a rich and egg-citing history that started in 1969. The company was selling only motorcycles and power equipment at that time, but expanded into becoming one of the most recognizable and successful car companies in the world. Why is Honda not only the #1 car choice for many Canadians, but also one of the best places to work at? Read this article to find out what this company accomplished over the last 50 years. Maybe you’ll even remember one fun fact from this editorial that you can use to impress Honda Canada recruiters one day!

Initial Footprint

Just four years after entering the Canadian market, Honda Canada launched Honda Civic. Not only did this happen during the oil crisis, but this initiative also led to Civic becoming the number one selling car in the country. Similarly, Honda CR-V’s is considered to be one of the top SUVs in Canada. But what does it say about Honda as an organization? That it’s committed to making our world mobile by innovating and redefining what’s possible.


The World We Live In

In terms of environmental initiatives, Honda Canada has major achievements here too:

  • Zero waste manufacturing process
  • 90% vehicle design recyclability since 2004
  • 160,000 planted trees across Canada
  • LEED certification of the Markham office (which means there is a 33% reduction of energy usage, 99% waste diversion and 89% reduction in water usage)
  • And did you know that, on top of all that, Honda Canada is responsible for the first-ever hybrid vehicle on the Canadian road? It’s true and it happened back in 1999!

    Our Community

    Honda Canada doesn’t just do, it also empowers others to follow. In fact, Honda Canada’s 450+ volunteers contributed 2700+ hours just last year!


    Since Honda Canada first opened its doors, it has sold more than four million vehicles and was the first Japanese automaker to build vehicles in Canada. If that’s not setting the stage for excellence, we don’t know what is! “Since 1969, our vision has been to offer products designed to bring joy to everyone who uses them, make a difference in the community and ultimately, be a company Canadians want to exist,” says Dave Gardner, President and CEO of Honda Canada.

    Honda Canada is proud to accomplish so much in the last 50 years and make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Working for an organization that is constantly looking for better ways of operating, helping others and creating a brighter tomorrow is going to not only elevate your career, but also make you feel great about yourself in the meantime. Egg-splore Honda Canada jobs here!