Tips on How To Show Off Your Best Self on Video


If you haven’t heard, TalentEgg has just released new features for you to add a video pitch of yourself to your TalentEgg profile with your resume, also known as our Candidate Video Showcase, where it will be visible to employers searching for the perfect candidates.

Your video pitch is the very first impression that your employer is going to get of you. That’s why it is so important to make a great video that not only summarizes your skills and experience, but also enhances and adds to your resume. Read on to find out how you can show off your best self in your TalentEgg Candidate Video Showcase profile!

1) Dress for Success

Your profile video is likely going to be the first time an employer is going to see you, so it’s crucial that you dress well to make a memorable and positive first impression.

Wear something professional that you would wear to a real job interview – nothing too revealing, wrinkled or dirty. Check out how to dress for success here.

If you can’t afford business clothes right now, check your school’s events. They often organize old business clothes donations for cases just like these! And remember – dressing up includes your hair too, so make sure it is neat and clean.

Perks of recording from the comfort of your home? Your webcam is likely not going to reveal anything below your shoulder-height, so you could be wearing pajama bottoms under your suit jacket!

2) Make Your Background Look Professional

Sure, recruiters don’t expect you to record from a professional studio, but your surroundings say as much about you as your own appearance does. Recording in a messy room makes you look disorganized and unprofessional, so make sure to keep that background looking as good as you do!

3) Lighting is KEY

Good lighting goes a long way in making sure your video quality stands out in a positive light (pun intended). While we don’t expect you to go out and buy professional lighting kits, small tweaks can go along way.  In most cases, natural light (coming from a window) works best. Be sure to have the light facing you. Do not have the sun in the background as that will only make a shadow of you on the screen. Instead, aim to record in a well-lit room with natural light shining in. 

4) Rehearse Your Script

The point of your video pitch is for you to look relaxed and comfortable but still put-together. Preparing a script is a great way to avoid looking like you’re winging it. But be careful – make sure it doesn’t look like you’re reading off your script word by word, or you’ll risk looking unprepared and nervous.

Read through your script a few times before you get started to avoid any slips of the tongue, and memorize some key points you want to get across. Avoid glancing at your script to make your speech look as prepared as possible!

5) Don’t Just Read Off Your Resume

Simply listing the skills and experience that are already written on your resume isn’t going to give employers any better idea of who you are as a candidate. Instead of reading off of your resume, elaborate on your skills and experience and talk about WHY they would make you the best candidate for the job. You can tell an anecdote about your skills to further solidify your proficiency, or state your goals for the future.

The entire point of a video pitch is that you can expand on  things that don’t fit on your resume, so make it creative and original!

6) Watch For Your Little Habits

Just because you can record a video pitch from the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean you should get TOO comfortable. Often times when you are very focused on a task (such as remembering your script) you may find yourself performing little ticks without realizing (i.e. foot tapping, leg shaking, darting your eyes back-and-forth). They can make you look nervous and unsure if noticed by a recruiter.

When you finish recording your video, re-watch it carefully looking for these little ticks and re-record if necessary! There’s no limit on the amount of times you can record your video. Keep going until you’re happy with it.

7) Remember WHY You’re Doing This!

When you create a script and re-record a video over and over, it can be easy to lose the passion behind WHY you’re job searching to begin with! Remember to think about the goals you want to achieve through this platform (hello, letting employers come to you!), and how egg-cited you are to start in a new position. It’s easy to see when someone is passionate about what they’re talking about, and that passion will make you stand out from other candidates!

Check out TalentEgg’s new Candidate Video Showcase feature here! Now take your new-found knowledge on how to show off your best self and go record an awesome video pitch!