Do you ever find yourself wondering how things work? You might satisfy your curiosity in the wondrous field of engineering. If you love being surrounded by computer and engineering enthusiasts (just like you), Bell is the place for you. While tech remains a male-dominant industry, Bell makes sure that diversity is at the forefront of its operations. Talented women are celebrated at Bell, and Camille Rodriguez is one of them. Read her story of transitioning from an intern to a Cloud Computing Specialist below.

Camille Rodriguez
Camille Rodriguez
Cloud Computing Specialist
Bell Canada
Montreal, Quebec

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Camille believes that many girls are not exposed to the possibilities in science at a young age, and that leads to not many women choosing to study engineering beyond the mandatory classes in high school. She is the opposite – she discovered her passion for technology and engineering at a very young age. After studying engineering in Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne in Laval, Quebec, she explored her options through internships in very different fields – research labs, a private tech company and in governmental research, just to name a few. These experiences helped her realize that she felt strongly about technology development and fast implementation. “I like to know the impact [my work] has on the clientele and to know that it is useful,” says Camille.

New Grad Program

Camille first interned at Bell focusing on test integration of software releases in modems and access technologies. In addition to the exciting work she was doing, Camille also attended industry and company events, and met with Bell managers and VPs. At the same time, she took advantage of the training offered and the New Grad Summit, which was a part of the New Grad Program at Bell. She also told us that every new grad gets assigned a mentor from a different department which promotes impartial honest discussions and helpful advice.

Based on her experience and the culture at Bell during her internship, Camille knew that, once she completed her degree, she wanted to return to Bell to work on software development. Luckily, she was able to do just that with the help of a colleague!


New Beginning

In order to come back, Camille applied to the Network Grad Program, and had to complete a 3-hour technical test with the team she would be working with. While this might sound intimidating, Camille says it helped both her and the team to ensure her joining Bell was the right fit for everyone.

Now Camille works on developing new features, coding and monitoring Python scripts for Bell’s cloud and troubleshooting incidents. Her every day starts with a “daily stand-up with the team” where they identify major problems, discuss their workloads and collaborate to fix any issues.


One of the most memorable projects Camille has worked on involves a self-healing framework that she and her colleague developed to fix an issue automatically every time it occurs. Camille comments that this problem was very technical and challenging, and finding a solution made for a very rewarding experience and a strong feeling of accomplishment.

As a result of Camille’s dedication, she believes that she’s developed as a leader. “I am in a role in the center of the organization. My clients are other internal teams at Bell, so I know that my work helps other teams deliver value to our customers,” explains Camille. She says that she feels valued and supported in her role every single day.

Time for Fun

It’s not just work all the time at Bell. Camille recalls an exciting opportunity where she was able to use her organizational skills, and connect with all of the network teams at Bell.


Camille offers some pieces of advice to stand-out in the male-dominated industry, be confident and get your career started with Bell:

From a more technical side, if you’re thinking of applying, Camille says that knowledge of Agile methodology, CI/CD pipeline and experience with DevOps teams would come in handy. Bell’s overarching goal is to automate as much as possible, integrate and transform software development. So, having these skills is definitely an asset.

If you’re ready to start a rewarding career with Bell and show other remarkable women that there’s a place for them at Bell, take a look at their job opportunities today! Make your mark in Tech and lead by example!

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