Why EF Educational Tours is the Career Destination for You


A career with EF Educational Tours combines the support and opportunities of a large, global organization with the spirit and energy of a small company. A team filled with thinkers, doers, creatives, collaborators and motivated people who are passionate about education, communication and, of course, travel.

Not only did TalentEgg get to spend some time in their office in Toronto, but we also had the chance to speak with four amazing employees who shared their experience with EF, their workplace culture and what it’s like working in an open space environment. Check out the EF Educational Tours video below!

Open Space is a Place for Collaboration

Collaboration and brainstorming are made easier by the open concept office space at EF Tours. Opening up the lines of communication makes it easier for the EF teams to not only have access to all levels of the organization but also to be there to celebrate everyone’s successes. “The moment you walk into an EF office, no matter where you are in the world, it’s an open space,” says Jessica King, Area Sales Manager.

“Our open office drives home that we are all one big team. If you need to bounce an idea off of someone, you can literally roll your chair over and brainstorm.  It’s also a lot of fun to hear what’s going on and to celebrate everyone’s success,” comments Melanie McDonald, Senior Director, Customer Experience.

It is also helpful to have open lines of communication when the clock is ticking on projects or solutions need to be brainstormed. “When a project is in crunch time, being able to easily talk to the people around you to solve any problem that comes your way [is very helpful]. Instead of going from one person to another, you can all turn around and chat through whatever it is that needs to be solved,” says Marcus Di Rollo, Marketing Coordinator.

Best of all, the open office space enhances the community culture according to Taylor Chick, Tour Consultant with EF Educational Tours. “The open office space fosters collaboration within the company which brings everyone closer together. This why EF feels like a family when you go in to work. You constantly feel supported and encouraged to be your best self!”.

Connecting With Coworkers And Having FUN!

A huge perk about working at EF Tours is the people! Jessica has been with EF Tours for over 7 years and “fell in love with working with people and teachers and just growing year after year,” she comments.

There are plenty of opportunities to get to know your colleagues and build lasting friendships. “We have a lot of instances where you can create that connection with the coworkers through happy hours, summer parties, coffee roulettes or team outings. As we are a company that works hard, EF Tours rewards you with opportunities to have fun. It is also great that everyone who works here is awesome so you enjoy creating that connection with your coworkers,” says Marcus.

When Taylor first started working with EF Tours, he was hired as a co-op student for a 5-month placement and knew that he wanted to come back and work full-time after that experience. “I am excited about working here and being with my friends again. You make these amazing friendships with such cool people from all around the globe and you really do become a family,” he says.

It’s not just the employees who are amazing to work with, but also the EF customers; the teachers, educators and parents who send their children on once-in-a-lifetime trips that bring the textbook to life. “I love my team!  It’s a pleasure to come into work every day when you’re working with a group of like-minded, smart people. I also love the opportunity to connect with our customers and hear first hand how we’ve changed the lives of their students,” shares Melanie. “Every time we have the first student enroll in a tour, we ring the gong because it symbolizes the fact that it’s another group that we get to give this opportunity to!” Taylor explains.

Training and Support

EF ensures their team is fully supported during the onboarding process, as well as throughout their career. “EF Tours provides opportunities to take classes or attend workshops and conferences that will improve your current skills. There are also countless opportunities to work cross-departmentally so you can understand all aspects of the business. You always have a support squad within your team to ensure you are doing everything that is needed to be successful in the role you have,” says Marcus.

Not only do you have many opportunities for growth at EF, but you can also take your career to new locations! “EF is a global organization that allows people to foster their careers globally.  While many people will start in one office, it’s common for people to move around and work in offices around the world,” says Melanie.

One of the best things about EF’s culture is the teams’ encouragement to try something new. “EF really inspires you to follow what lights you up. If you have an idea, go and do it! That’s something here at EF that we’re really passionate about and no matter what it is, try it and fail. If it doesn’t work, then we learned something and we move on,” says Jessica.

Join The Team!

“EF attracts people that are open, curious, adventurous and spontaneous. They really are up to anything and that comes with having travelled and working with and alongside different cultures.  Who doesn’t want to have people like that in your life?” says Jessica. We couldn’t agree more – join EF Educational Tours as they revolutionize the educational travel industry and transform students into the next generation of global citizens. If you loved the behind the scenes look at their culture, office space, and feel connected to their values and entrepreneurial spirit, then help bring their mission of “Opening the World Through Education” to life. Apply with EF Educational Tours today!

If you’re ready to hatch a career with EF Educational Tours, visit their Employer Profile today to eggs-plore their roles!