Make the Most of your Week


Falling into a weekday routine of Netflix and sleep is a lot easier than you think, especially when you plan all your fun outings on the weekend. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but maintaining a healthy work-life balance can do you a lot of good. To help break you out of the ‘working for the weekend’ mentality, we’ve put together a few simple tips to you can use to make the most of your week.

Sprinkle in the Fun

Take a Class

Before you run the other way, know that taking a class doesn’t need to mean more work. Instead, look at this as an opportunity to explore your interests and try new things. Ever been interested in building your own terrarium? Believe it or not, that exists! Or how about something more active like archery? (You know you’ve always wanted to shoot arrows with the accuracy of Katniss Everdeen.) Plus, if you opt for something that occurs weekly, you’ll always have something in your calendar to look forward to at a pretty low time commitment. Who knows, you might even uncover a new passion and meet new friends along the way.

Tip for working professionals: If you’re looking to accommodate a class right after work, head into the office a little earlier. That way, you can make sure you get everything done and ensure you leave right on time.

Tip for students: If you’re strapped for cash, look into the extracurricular programs offered at your school. More often than not, you can find something at a discount or no cost at all!

Keep in Touch with Friends

When responsibilities pile up, it’s easy to neglect a social life or fall into the habit of only keeping up with your friends via social media. Don’t get us wrong, that’s totally cool if you and your friends aren’t in the same city. However, if you have the ability to move beyond Facebook messages and Instagram DM’s: do it. Start simple; you’re going to need to eat and so will your friends. Bring the two together and make plans to have a meal together. If you’ve got the time, try a new restaurant for dinner or order chef’s plate and cook together. If not, take your lunch break at the same time or meet for a quick catch up over coffee in the morning. Simple changes can really go a long way.

Now, we know there may be times where you don’t feel like going out to eat. Instead, make plans to do something else. If you both watch the same TV show, then start a weekly tradition of watching the newest episode together. It’s a great way to truly take a step back from school or work and reconnect with people who mean a lot to you.

Focus on You

It’s important to remember that just because you have free time, doesn’t mean you need to fill it with a ton of commitments. Making the most of your week can also mean taking time for yourself, especially when you have so much going on. Need to catch up on sleep? Get an early night. Have a new book that you’ve been waiting to read? Curl up with a cup of tea and start reading. Taking the time to relax helps to make you feel refreshed and ready to take on your week.

Add a Dash of Productivity

Spread Everything Out

If you’re finding that your weekends are getting lost in a ton of personal errands, try to tackle one or two during the week. You don’t need to try to cram things where they don’t fit, just look for spots where you can easily squeeze something in. That way, you won’t be scrambling to finish everything on a Sunday. For example, have a load of laundry to do? Finish it on a weeknight. Laundromats tend to be busiest on Saturday and Sunday, anyway. Or if find yourself in need of salad fixings for tomorrow’s lunch, get off the subway a stop or two early and pick up produce from a local stand. You’ll be checking off an errand and getting in a little exercise when you walk home.

Plan Monday on Friday

No one wants to start stressing about the upcoming week on a Sunday. Give yourself a break and help to combat those feelings by planning your Monday on Friday. This really isn’t something you have to spend a lot of time doing. If you’re a working professional, take the last half an hour of your work day on Friday and make your game plan for the upcoming week. Whether that consists of writing a to-do list or setting up your meetings, it will really help to make you feel more prepared. If you’re a student, take time out of you Friday to pencil in upcoming assignments, studying time, and any other commitments you have. That way, nothing will sneak up on you and you’ll be ready to take them on.

If you’re looking to break up your weekday routine, put a few of these tips in action. You might find that you’re actually looking forward to new work or school week. Who even knew that was possible?