Podcasts Every Student Should Be Listening To


Podcasts provide great resources for pretty much anything under the sun that you can think of. But as a student, what podcasts should you be listening to? We’ve taken the time to listen to a ton of podcasts, and here are the best podcasts aimed at students, college, life and success.

The College Info Geeks Podcast

Thomas Frank is the founder of College Info Geek, which he started to help students learn more effectively and be more productive while studying less. The College Info Geek Podcast, which is co-hosted by Martin Boehme, talks about anything from starting a podcast, dealing with finances, being more productive and preparing for exams. Whatever kind of inspiration, tips or tricks you are looking for, chances are they’ve got an episode on it!

Looking for episode recommendations?

  • How to Get Out of Debt as Fast as Possible (Ep. 238)
  • How to Take Criticism (Ep. 215)
  • A 12-Step Exam Prep Checklist (Ep. 204)
  • Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

    Hosted by Greg Clunas, Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is a short weekly podcast that shares “simple strategies you can use to get more out of your life” (line quoted from the podcast opening). This podcast is great for students because it’s short with most episodes hovering around 15 minutes; whatever you’re in the mood to be inspired about, you’ll find it — from starting your business and increasing your productivity to excelling in your career; and each episode talks about one topic so it’s easy to follow. Clunas’ philosophy is that big changes come from tiny leaps that you take every day, and his podcast is built to help you make those changes.

    Looking for episode recommendations?

  • 189 – How to Build a Side Hustle (feat. Sean McCabe)
  • 307 – How to Land Your Dream Job (feat. Jason Feifer)
  • 320 – Small Changes to Improve Productivity
  • Money Girl

    Everyone needs to get good at money. EVERYONE. And there’s no time like the present to start digging deep into it, especially as a student where you presumably have almost your entire financial future ahead of you. Money Girl is a great podcast hosted by Laura D. Adams (personal finance expert and author) who shares weekly advice on understanding your finances, getting them in order and growing them. This is podcast is great because it’s truly for beginners — Adams shares everything you need to know and gives you additional resources for following up. It’s easy to listen to and episodes are about 20 minutes long, so it’s good for a short burst of learning!

    Note that this is a podcast on US money, but beyond the references to the 401(k) and retirement savings and the tax information everything is still relevant — you should also still pay attention to her tax and retirement talks because while the particular plans aren’t relevant the idea behind the talks is.

    Looking for episode recommendations?

  • 10 Horrible habits that keep you from going rich
  • What insurance college kids need and tips to save
  • 8 Best budgeting and personal finance tools
  • TED Talk Daily

    TED Talks Daily gives you the opportunity to learn something new (things that you’re actually interested in learning) every day. Whether you’re interested in hearing new life hacks, in-depth talks on topics that you’re curious about (think space travel and zoology) or simply why humans do what they do, TED Talks Daily is bound to have something for you.

    Episodes are short, perfect for a quick walk around the block or throwing on the speaker while you’re mopping the floors, and it’s a great pick-an-choose podcast. You can focus on the episodes you’re interested in and skip the ones you’re not!

    Looking for episode recommendations?

  • How do we learn to work with intelligent machines | Matt Bean
  • An astronaut’s story of curiosity, perspective and change | Leland Melvin
  • Why the secret to success is setting good goals | John Doerr
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