More than Cars – Honda Canada Foundation


Honda is easily one of the most popular and recognizable car brands in the world. But there is a lot more behind this brand than just cars. On top of building and selling highly reliable and design-driven cars, Honda Canada is building a better future for all of us.

In our 2018 TalentEgg Survey, we found that 74.7% of grads ranked social responsibility as an important to very important factor in their assessment of employers they would want to work for. This is another reason why companies like Honda engage in initiatives like these – to attract passionate candidates who want to make a difference too.
How are they doing it?

On the operational side, Honda strives to reduce CO2 emissions from its products and operations. Here are some of the initiatives Honda adopted to reach the goal of a better tomorrow:

  • “Since 1964, Honda has built only four-stroke outboard motors, which are up to 90% cleaner and 50% more fuel-efficient than two-stroke engines” (Honda Environment).
  • Their Alliston, Ontario manufacturing facility has achieved zero waste-to-landfill targets since 2007. Other facilities are on track too.
  • The same facility is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 44%.
  • Honda’s Intelligent Paint Technology helped cut manufacturing emissions by 25%.
  • Honda’s vehicles have maintained 90% design recyclability since 2004.

  • Their headquarters in Markham, Ontario embody sustainability too – “design decisions were made with sustainability in mind. Features like a heat-reflective roof to help us stay cool, bio swales for natural filtration that help keep waste out of the sewer system, and irrigation techniques that collect rainwater to keep the grounds looking green keep things running efficiently”.

    What about charities?

    Honda is driven by the idea of providing mobility to everyone in the world. “The Honda Canada Foundation’s goal is to improve the lives of all Canadians and was founded to support nonprofits in four key areas: family, environment, engineering and education”.

    Together with local communities, Honda employees get out there and volunteer their time. They help organizations like Make-A-Wish Canada, Jays Care Foundation, Ontario Science Centre, Canadian Red Cross and many more to create accessible learning and assist families in need. As a result, Honda Canada Foundation is proud to distribute more than $2 million dollars annually, help more than 6 million Canadians and volunteer more than 2,900 hours annually. In addition, Honda Canada is protecting the environment. They donate more than $300,000 in parts, engines and cars to Canadian educational institutions every year.

    During the holiday season, Honda Canada employees gather their efforts to donate time, toys, and money to bring holiday cheer to children across the GTA as a part of the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish program.

    What’s next?

    Honda isn’t stopping now. By 2030, their goal is to have electrified vehicles make up two thirds of their sales worldwide. According to Honda’s Sustainability Report, Honda’s global initiatives include leading the efforts to realize a carbon-free and collision-free society.

    You can get involved too!

    While Honda is achieving great things to help the community and environment, it all started with a small act. As small as picking up garbage in the local park, buying an extra can of soup in your local grocery store and putting in the donation bin, dedicating your free time to mentoring someone in need, or planting a tree in your neighbourhood. All of these are examples of what Honda associates are inspired to do and what you can do too.

    Working in an organization that not only supports but also encourages and rewards these initiatives gives Honda employees a sense a purpose. They know from personal experience that Honda cares about more than just the bottom line. That, in turn, motivates them to help the world on their own and involve their friends and families. Find a cause you care about and start volunteering! It can show employers, like Honda, what you’re passionate about and how you’d fit in at their organization.

    Overall, Honda Canada is more than a company – it’s a community of like-minded individuals who make every effort to create blue skies for the generations of tomorrow. If this purpose speaks to you, explore Honda Canada jobs on their employer profile!