Always Growing at TJX Canada


TJX Canada knows, recognizes and pays special attention to people and culture – driving forces of the success of any business. This concentration on building a team, developing talent and encouraging a positive and inclusive culture translates across various roles throughout the organization. From Store Investigators to Allocation Analysts, many TJX employees agree on the same thing – working at TJX feels empowering, meaningful and exciting.

Ashley Dawn Horgan
Store Investigator
Loss Prevention
TJX Canada, Central Region

According to Ashley Horgan, diversity at TJX is evident from the moment you walk into your first interview. By diversity, she means that TJX embraces both cultural diversity and diversity in terms of focusing on character, as well as experience, when hiring. That, among other things, makes TJX a truly open-minded and inclusive company when it comes to the hiring process.

Ashley comes from a well-rounded educational and training background in Multicultural and Indigenous Studies, Anti-Racist Research and Practice, Police Foundations and Crime Scene Investigation. This extensive education allows her to connect her lived experiences with factual knowledge and investigative skills and apply it all on the job.

Having worked just over three months with TJX, Ashley already has a lot of positive things to say about the company.

Developing and Growing

TJX allowed Ashley to be independent from the very beginning. Interestingly, rather than creating distance, this autonomy and self-determination motivate Ashley to ask questions, build relationships and work alongside senior members of her team even more. By strengthening her relationships, she’s improved her communication skills, patience, and confidence. “I am not hesitant to ask for assistance, feedback and guidance when working,” says Ashley.

In terms of formal training, Ashley has already taken advantage of the professional development courses that TJX offers such as safety training, MAYBO training (conflict management), use of force, handcuff training and many more.

Building Confidence

Ashley’s long-term plan is to pursue a career in policing which requires a tremendous amount of confidence and self-discipline. She is actively building those skills on the job by taking initiative at work. “There are always opportunities within arm’s reach, it is just a matter of how much effort and initiative you put into your work. You want to set goals for yourself in your current role and exceed your own expectations.”

Her advice to those who’d like to follow a similar career path is to be yourself and try to take the lead.

Cory Silva
Cory Silva
Allocation Analyst
Planning & Allocation
Home Office

Similar to Ashley, Cory Silva comes from a very diverse educational background – he has an undergrad in Life Sciences and an MBA from McMaster University. He first started at TJX as a co-op student, which inspired him to continue his career with the company. He reflects on his co-op experience: “After doing my first co-op with TJX and experiencing how amazing the people truly are, and seeing just how fast the company was growing, I knew for a fact that I wanted to come back.”

Being a Part of the Team

When looking for a job, Cory had very specific expectations – he wanted a company that had fantastic people, a growth-driven environment as well as provided autonomy. At TJX, he found just that and so much more. “There is a constant state of positivity across all areas of the business, and people truly care both about you as an individual and the business we work for. One large part of the culture is ambiguity, or as we like to call it at TJX ‘working in the grey’. We thrive on being flexible and growing quickly to ensure we can maneuver ourselves in the best way possible to capture on evolving opportunities,” says Cory.

Team spirit at TJX runs through every task – big or small. Cory’s wish to own certain tasks came true at TJX – he is able to not just learn from others but also teach his colleagues.

Evolving Together

The retail industry requires constant innovation and evolution due to rapidly changing consumer needs and behaviours. To stay ahead, TJX starts with helping their employees grow and expand their skills and knowledge. Cory shares some details of his analytical and forecasting work and how it helped him acquire new skills.

When it comes to formal learning, TJX has that covered as well. Cory took the opportunity to complete the Planning & Allocation School of Excellence (PASE) program, which, in Cory’s words, “is a perfect blend between learning in-class and on the job.” Beyond this program, TJX offers seminars, workshops and other courses regularly to ensure the employees are learning and reaching their full potential at the company.

Nadine Haffar
Nadine Haffar
Allocation Analyst
Planning and Allocation
Home Office (Mississauga, ON)

Nadine Haffar is a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo’s BA in Economics program. She describes her job as “creating excitement for our customers by ensuring an optimal product mix in our stores.” TJX is a perfect company fit for her because of her passion for fashion, shopping, and social media. Just like Cory, Nadine started as a co-op student and was hired on full-time afterwards. “After I completed my co-op, I knew that TJX was a company that I wanted to eventually return to and grow my career with,” says Nadine.

Building a Community

When you are given a lot of freedom at your job, you might start feeling lonely. However, that is the opposite of what is happening at TJX. “The company culture at TJX has a community aspect to it, which is what makes it so special. It is one that is both friendly and supportive, but also open and collaborative,” comments Nadine.

Despite being at TJX only since September of 2018, Nadine has been able to own a few projects already. “As an Allocation Analyst, you are given a lot of power in your role to create and implement solutions that will impact the business. This opportunity has allowed me to strengthen my leadership skills and be more assertive in the way I communicate to my team when approaching them with my recommendations. It’s also helped me develop a sense of initiative by proactively looking into new ways to better our business,” says Nadine.

Shaping the Future

TJX goes even further and allows its employees to choose the direction of their career. Nadine says that she works closely with her manager to create her professional goals and find constructive ways to work towards them.

Nadine takes active steps to achieve her goals by taking a self-development course offered through TJX called Leading Self, as well as participating in the same 6-week training PASE program that Cory completed. During the program, Nadine participated in “experience days” where she spent a full day working in the distribution centre and at one of the stores to get a 360-degree view of how the business works.

Adrianna Longo
Adrianna Longo
Loss Prevention Customer Service Agent
Loss Prevention
Central Toronto East (CTE)

Adrianna Longo is currently working towards obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminology while working at TJX. She spends her free time broadening her knowledge by creating art, visiting art galleries, reading books on true crime and even attending court trials!

Adrianna was hired by TJX 3 years ago as a store associate. After she displayed her interest in loss prevention, TJX helped her transition into her desired role. Adrianna first became a Loss Prevention Ambassador. “My time as an associate ignited my passion for Loss Prevention (LP), and introduced me to multiple opportunities to grow my knowledge of the field. In August of 2018, I made the decision to take a step forward in my LP career and apply to become a Loss Prevention Customer Service Agent,” says Adrianna.

Adrianna admits that working in new field has its challenges, but she feels supported by her team and co-workers and she never hesitates to ask for help. That’s because everyone who she works with is always willing to assist her, answer her questions, and help her grow.

In addition to learning from her colleagues, Adrianna collaborates with many talented people at TJX. “I have met, and continue to meet so many amazing individuals, who support me and believe in my capabilities,” comments Adrianna. “TJX Canada is not just another company, it’s another family! The workplace environment is so welcoming and accepting of differences. I feel that TJX Canada is very centred around the idea of teamwork and at the same time, the celebration of individuality.”

Overcoming Fears

Adrianna shared that when she was first hired, even being a frontline cashier scared her, let alone being a Customer Service Agent. The thought of being on the spot and in contact with so many people daily intimidated her. But she knew that she had to pursue what scares her to reach new heights and grow as a professional. “The most important thing I have learned from working at TJX Canada so far is, no matter how scary something new may seem at first, believing in yourself and having a team to support you, will help you overcome any obstacles you may face.”

Overall, Adrianna has come a long way and has truly grown with the help of TJX. For anyone who wants to follow a similar career path, Adrianna suggests striving to be different, taking the initiative, and appreciating every aspect of your role, no matter what it is. From her example, even starting your career in an entry level role as a store associate may lead to a dream job in a remarkable organization that helps you get there.

These four TJX employees have different job descriptions, backgrounds and aspirations for the future, yet they all share something more than just being a TJX employee. They all value the relationships they build, develop their skills with continuous learning opportunities that TJX offers and embrace the inclusive supportive culture at work that all culminates in creating an environment people like coming back to every day.

Work in an organization that helps you learn, gives you the freedom to do your best work and meet outstanding people along the way. Apply to TJX Canada here!