How Student Leadership Prepares You For The Workforce


As a career-driven young adult, you might be keen on landing that perfect internship to help you get closer to the job of your dreams.

BUT… getting that dream work opportunity isn’t the only way you can gain valuable experience for the working world. In fact, you don’t have to look any further than leadership opportunities on your campus!

Not convinced yet? Read on to find out about how student leadership can help prepare you for the workforce!

1. Leadership roles help you interact with different kinds of people.

As a student leader, you will likely be in a position where you interact with a team, fellow students, and school faculty. When navigating these interactions, you will find yourself switching your communication style to best fit whoever it is that you are speaking to. This will help you in making seamless shifts in communication when you’re out in the workforce – for instance, you will know that you’ll likely be interacting differently with your colleagues than with a senior leader.

2. Leadership guides you in understanding what it means to buy into a vision.

Student leadership is most effective when you are passionate about what it is that you are leading. You will look to the organization’s vision to motivate people to achieve your collective goals together. This will help when you are in the workforce, as you will be able to look at the intrinsic goals of the organization to find motivation, help guide your work, and find passion for something that you are dedicating a large chunk of your day towards.

3. Leadership shows you how to manage responsibility.

When you step into a position of leadership, you have responsibilities towards your organization, your team, and most importantly, towards yourself. When you have people counting on you, it’s important for you to make yourself reliable, dependable, and available. As you master the art of this responsibility, you will carry these traits into workforce with you, and the “adult responsibilities” of the workforce will not intimidate you.

4. Leadership lets you recognize yourself in a team.

When you lead a group of people, you will learn a great deal about yourself in how you interact within a team, and how your leadership style translates. If you request feedback from team members, you will be aware of what you’re doing right, and where you’re falling short. This is crucial for when you are in the workforce, as it helps you improve your place in a team BEFORE even stepping foot in a professional environment.

5. Leadership boosts your credibility to future employers.

Leadership helps people see you in a credible light from the moment they meet you. When they observe that you are entrusted with responsibility, are accountable, and can successfully “run the ship”, you are signalling your capabilities and talent to them. Through networking opportunities (and even your resume!), potential employers will take note of your leadership, which can help you land that dream role!

Don’t wait any longer to start applying to leadership opportunities…or better yet, create one by starting something of your own! You will come out of it responsible, credible, and evolved – both professionally and personally.