Where Are They Now? Recent Grad’s Experience as a TalentEgg Awards Judge

Ali Najaf
Ali Najaf
2016 TalentEgg Student Judge
Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University

The TalentEgg Team is hard at work preparing for our 9th Annual TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards. To determine which top Canadian employers, nonprofits schools and career educators deserve to win this year, we need top student judges to vote. We reached out to one of our 2016 judges to find out where his career has taken him and how participating on student judging panel helped him get there.

Ali Najaf participated in TalentEgg’s National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards as a student judge in 2016. He’s a recent graduate at from Beedie School of Business and has pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources Management. He is currently working as HR Assistant with Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

Every spring, TalentEgg hosts the National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards which recognize innovative work in Canadian campus recruitment. Each year we work with high-achieving students from post-secondary institutions across Canada to evaluate employers’ submissions for the awards. After all, who better to judge an organization’s campus outreach than college and university students themselves?

Ali says he appreciates the fact that students are given the opportunity to weigh in on such an important competition. As he’ll tell you, the judging process will open your eyes to all the hard work recruiters do behind the scenes to reach out to students on your campus.

For university and college students of all fields of study, the TalentEgg Awards judging process gives you an inside look at the campus recruiting strategies of employers and gives you a platform for your voice to be heard. It’s not very often students have the chance to offer advice to their potential future bosses on their recruitment efforts!

“The experience also provided me with better knowledge of what employers are looking for in students,” says Ali. After examining quite a few applications, our judges are equipped with an insider’s perspective of what recruiters want to see in a candidate.

Ali also has some advice for students who are considering the Awards judging experience. “Apply ASAP! It’s one of the best opportunities in your undergrad time to be a part of,” he says. “It’s an excellent opportunity for [students] to judge a prestigious competition, as well as a great way to learn about recruitment insights which will help [you] better prepare for the job market.”

So, what are you waiting for? Add this awesome extracurricular to your resume today! Who knows – you might even catch the eye of your future employer. Deadline to apply for this year’s panel of student judges is March 20th.

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