Breaking Down Walls: How Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is Transforming Culture From Within


Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is transforming its culture from within. Earlier last year, the office went under construction, removing walls and breaking barriers between departments to open up the workspace.

Open workspaces are becoming a big trend in corporate environments in an effort to open up lines of communication, increase inclusivity in the workplace, and encourage collaboration between employees. We had the chance to speak with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services’ interns and new grad employees to get their perspective on working in an open workplace and how it’s creating an inclusive culture they’re thankful to be a part of.

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Welcoming Environment Of Choice

Caleb Chang
Caleb Chang
Georgian College, 2021
Documentation Specialist Intern

Meet Caleb Chang, Documentation Specialist Intern with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Caleb was inspired from a young age to get into the Automotive industry. Combined with his interest in business, he applied to the Honors Business Management and Administration program at Georgian College, the Automotive Business School of Canada.

When Caleb saw the internship opening with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, he knew he had to apply. “I wanted to brush up on my attention to detail and knew this role would require that so I went out of my comfort zone. That’s what drove me to the role — I wanted to work on my opportunities and turn them into strengths,” he says. Not only does Caleb feel like he is expanding his skills in his current role, but he also believes that it will equip him to take on more responsibility.

But what struck him the most about Mercedes-Benz Financial Services was how welcome he felt when he came in for his interview. This made such an impact that Caleb decided to turn down other offers to pursue his career with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. “I had a few offers, but chose this one because the culture seemed so welcoming and open,” he shares.

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Feeling Supported and Building Confidence

Riane de Lima
Georgian College, 2019
Documentation Specialist Intern

Riane de Lima, an international student from Brazil, was attracted to the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services internship program from both her initial research that revealed a positive culture and familiarity with the company’s global brand. “I love that this is a big, international company and has such a great reputation. Everyone who knows Mercedes-Benz Financial Services loves the company,” she comments. “I saw an article about how their employees are happy working there and had to apply.”

What Riane loves the most about working for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is how open and supportive the culture is, especially in an open workspace. “You are not afraid to go to someone’s desk and ask a question. You don’t feel like you’re in the way,” she shares. Riane’s daily tasks include collaborating with different parties in the office. She feels that if the office environment were a more closed design, it would make her work more difficult.

Even though Riane has only been in her role since November 2018, she feels that her communication, confidence, and networking skills have already developed significantly. “I was always very social, but now I feel like I can speak to everyone. I can speak to my boss and boss’s boss without feeling afraid. I gained the confidence to be able to speak but also to share my ideas. That’s something I didn’t have in college,” she says.



Opportunity to go Above and Beyond

Khadijat Animashaun
Ryerson University, 2018
Facilities, BCM & Administrative Services Specialist
Human Resources & Administration Services

New graduate, Khadijat Animashaun, landed her first role with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in the Human Resources and Administrative Services department. Khadijat studied Business at Ryerson University and was initially intrigued about the role at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services because of the title – Facilities, Business Continuity Management & Administrative Services Specialist. It was different from anything else she had seen during her job search and had a description she was excited about. Once she got into the interview, she knew that this would be a great place to work. She describes the environment at the company to be “very relaxed, where anyone that is new can feel easily welcomed.” This is definitely a very important aspect of the job to someone who is just starting their career.

Khadijat has learned so much in her time with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, including becoming a self-starter and taking the initiative to learn something new whenever she has a free moment. She mentions that it is easy to learn new things when the communication is so open and there are many educational resources available. “Since we have such open lines of communication, I can easily talk with other departments which gives me an opportunity to learn what they do, how their role impacts each other, and how we can work as a team.”

The icing on the cake for Khadijat is the ability to have autonomy in her role as well as the ability to create initiatives for her peers. “When I was in the interview, I mentioned that I was a huge fitness guru and they were so open to my ideas and wanted me to help inspire the rest of the team,” she shares. “That’s the kind of atmosphere here — if you have an idea, pitch it! There is so much growth and communication. I truly love it here,” she says. “If you have the opportunity to work here, the sky’s the limit.”

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Through its welcoming, open, innovative, and supportive culture, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services puts its people first. Creating this type of environment encourages creativity and inclusivity that fosters teamwork, collaboration and the opportunity for continuous learning. Whether you’re pitching a new idea, or collaborating with a colleague, there’s a place for you at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

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