How Mercer’s Culture Stands Out From the Crowd


Finding a workplace culture fit is an important part of finding your dream job. When you spend the majority of your time at work, you want to ensure you’re in a place that walks the talk. A positive workplace not only attracts talent, but it also affects your happiness and can most definitely impact your performance.

Mercer prides itself on making a positive difference in people’s lives. Mercer’s core values unite the firm, bringing a sense of purpose to Mercer teams across offices, geography, businesses and generations. We had the chance to speak with two recent grads about their experience thus far in their careers at Mercer and why they love where they work.

All About The People

Elizabeth Bergeron
Senior Analyst, International Consulting Group

Mercer’s leaders believe that people are at the heart of everything they do – driving innovation, solutions and passions. This is the main reason why new grad, Elizabeth Bergeron, decided to hatch her career with Mercer. Elizabeth was first introduced to Mercer during a Case Competition at Concordia University that Mercer sponsored. It was right after this competition that a representative from Mercer reached out to her about pursuing a career in International Consulting. “I was so interested and I really like the people that were part of the team,” she says. She has been with Mercer since her graduation in May 2017.

Working now as a Senior Analyst in the International Consulting Group, Elizabeth values the daily interactions she has with her co-workers. “My coworkers are my favourite part, no questions asked! I work with a group of really smart, efficient, supportive and dedicated people,” she comments. Even with the option to work from home, Elizabeth chooses to come into the office to spend time with her colleagues. She also loves that she gets to interact with her clients and help their businesses thrive around the world.

“No matter what work I’m doing, I always feel supported and ready to handle it, even I’ve never seen that task before.” – Elizabeth Bergeron

Never A Dull Moment

Eryl Ricafort
Eryl Ricafort
Career and Compensation Consulting Analyst

Variety is the spice of life, and there is no lack of that at Mercer. Eryl Ricafort started with Mercer in May 2018 and was first introduced to the company through one of his Human Resource courses during his undergraduate degree. After doing his research, he realized that, with his interest in management consultant work, Mercer would be a great fit. Eryl is a Career and Compensation Consulting Analyst in the Career Practice, working primarily on client projects that involve workforce compensation, salaries, pay equity as well as HR organizational design and transformation. Eryl’s role encompasses a lot of moving parts – which is exactly why he loves his role. “What I thoroughly enjoy is the wide array of projects I get staffed on, as I never experience a dull moment nor do I ever feel disengaged,” he says.

With so much exposure to different subjects, problems, challenges, industries, and especially people, Eryl is able to strengthen his already acquired skills and knowledge, but also gain new perspectives. “Working with different team members of varying knowledge and expertise keeps me intellectually stimulated and allows me to push myself for positive professional growth and development.” He feels that being able to work with so much variety has broadened his skills and improved his quality of work. “This type of environment has allowed me to thrive in terms of performance, as good performance is a construct at the firm that is widely valued and recognized,” he says.

Advice for Candidates

Even with strong workplace culture, it’s crucial to work hard and always strive for success! Eryl offers some advice to students looking to start their career with Mercer: “Having a good balance of hard and soft skills is imperative in consulting, depending on the subject matter at hand,” he says. He also coaches young professionals to “think quickly on your feet, be intellectually curious and always think outside the box.” The culture at Mercer truly lets you make the most of your skills and encourages you to build new ones through their supportive team, skills training, and innovation.

When you work for a company that values people, diversity, development, and hard work, you’ll be sure to find success in your role and career. To see how you would fit in with Mercer, check out their employer profile here.