Working in a large established organization means many things: recognized brand name, seasoned employees and networking opportunities, and an infinite amount of growth possibilities. Marsh is all that and more – a welcoming culture, an abundance of free learning resources and everyone’s readiness to help. Whatever you are dealing with, there is likely a person who has gone through the same thing and is happy to walk you through it. We interviewed three employees at Marsh to talk about all things culture and employee experience with the company.

Lovey Sidhu
Lovey Sidhu
Consultant, Assistant Vice President
Alternative Risk Solutions

Marsh, above all, is a people business. According to Lovey Sidhu, “managing risks is at the core of every business in this world”, so working on the frontlines of this mission feels natural, meaningful and noble.

During Lovey’s high school years, she’s developed a strong interest in business and how it contributes to the quality of society. This fascination fueled her desire to pursue higher education to forge a career with purpose in business. She decided to study Economics at the University of Waterloo and later transferred to Environment and Business program to focus more on sustainability. She first heard about Marsh from a friend, did her research, and felt like she would fit right in. “The more I learned, the greater my interest peaked,” Lovey comments.

After landing her first role with Marsh in the Graduate Trainee Program, Lovey grew within the company into her current role of an Assistant Vice President. This new position requires her to find the best solutions to different situations in a pragmatic way. Even though she is in a new role, she always feels supported by mentors, colleagues and formal education and training options whenever she needs them.

Giving Back

Marsh engages its employees into giving back to the community. Lovey shares that Marsh “has recently started a company-wide volunteer day called “Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC) Good Day” where colleagues from all 4 operating companies volunteer their time and effort to a cause of their choosing on the same day.” What helps the communities in need also benefits the culture within the company – employees get the chance to connect, network and do something meaningful together while giving back to their community.

Planning the Future

One of the things Lovey loves about Marsh is that it’s never boring. The rotational program at Marsh when she first started really helped her understand how the business operates from a holistic level, and now she is ready to reach new heights, building on a firm foundational understanding.

Lovey describes Marsh as innovative, inclusive, and collaborative. She truly believes that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to, and Marsh will be there to help her.

Gaurav Kapoor
Gaurav Kapoor
Vice President, National Construction Placement
National Construction & Surety Practice

Unlike most Insurance career stories, which often feature a “discovery” of the industry, Gaurav Kapoor’s decision to launch his career in insurance was well thought-out. Initially, he took a few insurance courses during his Business Administration program at Wilfrid Laurier University, which led him to select a concentration in Finance and Insurance & Risk Management. When he first heard about Marsh, the Graduate Trainee Program piqued his interest the most.

Once Gaurav got the job, he realized that he enjoyed the market and client interaction the most. “In my role, I’m allowed to get involved and learn about projects across Canada in a more detailed and in-depth level than you would normally,” comments Gaurav.

Gaurav explains how important it is to understand the clients’ business, the industry and connect the risk and exposures that come from that. After that, the aspect of risk diversification comes in. Gaurav explains it as “trying to marry the risk transfer and how the market is performing, which can be quite challenging sometimes but also proves to be the most rewarding when you can get the deal done.”

Challenging the Norm

Gaurav points out that there are lots of opportunities to disrupt the industry within Marsh. The Graduate Trainee Program at Marsh is welcoming fresh new talent to break the norm and the barriers of the traditional career path. As senior management is approaching retirement age, the possibilities for newer generations are opening up creating countless opportunities for ambitious, creative, young professionals.

In terms of the office culture, Marsh invests heavily in Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) and Gaurav was a member of one of them. “These groups allow for an inclusive environment for colleagues and promote Marsh and MMC’s broader Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. For a few years, I was a part of the Young Professionals CRG for Canada, where we were able to drive colleague professional development and business growth directives.”

Another remarkable thing about the atmosphere at Marsh is the people it attracts. Gaurav says that people he works with come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, which helps them learn from each other and benefit from complementary skills and perspectives.

Staying Long-Term

Thanks to every opportunity Marsh provided Gaurav thus far in his career, he has no doubt that he will be at Marsh for many years to come. “Having experienced working within different departments and industry groups around the company allowed me to focus on where I would like to see my career path grow,” Gaurav says.

One of the first things Gaurav mentioned about himself was that he’s had a travel bug for years. Working for Marsh allows him to not only explore various industries but also work in different offices around the world – something that enriches his life and learning.

Anton Antonov
Anton Antonov
National Head of Sales
Private Client Services

Anton Antonov is well into his career, leading a team of people across the country in sales. His career started at Marsh, and he returned to the firm after a 10-year break, where he worked as an underwriter at the Commercial Marine Unit. He was ready and excited to return to Marsh. “The opportunity to manage people was one of the aspects that really piqued my interest, but also being much closer to the client as a broker was something I dearly missed.”

Loving What You Do

After 15 years in the business, Anton truly enjoys his job. “I enjoy sales. The chase, the strategy, the finish. However, I also really enjoy managing people – if there’s some way in which I can help a colleague grow or flourish I want to make that difference for them. And lastly, entertaining our clients at events and providing thought leadership in our space – I really enjoy having Marsh recognized as a “go to” for our expertise.”

On top of that, he had the opportunity to work in London and New York to explore the business from different angles and enjoy different cultures and societies.

Extraordinary leadership is one of the main reasons why Anton loves working at Marsh. He pointed out that his manager is truly more than just a supervisor – she is a mentor who ensures Anton is recognized for his hard work. Moreover, the company as a whole is committed to educating its employees because they understand that education is a never-ending endeavour.

Being at Marsh means being an industry leader, working with top colleagues and clients, and, of course, working hard. If that sounds like you, learn more about this amazing organization and how you can make a difference working here.