Behind The Scenes Of Vale’s Engineer-In-Training (EIT) And Geologist-In-Training (GIT) Programs


In this video, filmed on location at Vale’s Base Metals Technology Development in Mississauga, Ontario, three new grad Engineers In Training, a Recruitment and Selection Analyst, and the Director of Process Research provide an inside look at Vale’s Engineer-In-Training (EIT) and Geologist-In-Training (GIT) programs.

According to Recruitment and Selection Analyst Travis McGill, Vale’s EIT and GIT programs are very structured in terms of the responsibility, exposure and projects that new grads get to work on. He says the EITs at Vale get more experience in six months than their peers at other companies receive in two years.

Ken Scholey, Director of Process Research, says Vale carefully designs each EIT’s program and rotations. They rotate between disciplines and even have the opportunity to take on international assignments. At the time of filming, a few of the EITs that Ken was working with were in New Caledonia (a group of islands located in the southwest Pacific Ocean about 1,500 kilometres east of Australia) and Indonensia!

That’s one of the reasons Abigail Sequeira, a Process Engineer from Sudbury, Ontario, started her engineering career with Vale: it’s a global mining company, so its employees sometimes have the opportunity to work in operations around the world.

Chemical Engineer-In-Training Marissa Fong says she chose to start her career with Vale in Sudbury because, like a lot of new grads, she didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do. The EIT program allows her to rotate between different plants and explore the various possibilities in her industry.

As a Metallurgist In Training at Vale’s Base Metals Technology Development in Mississauga, Jonathan Gibson looks at ore coming in from around the world to evaluate and improve upon Vale’s processes. He says, throughout the program, he’s been given a lot of responsibility, experiences many challenges, and has a lot of fun.

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