No Gym? No Problem! Easy Exercises


Being a student gets super busy. Hitting the gym daily on top of midterms and assignments (and those monstrous morning lectures)? How about noooope? Luckily, there are various methods to reap the benefits of exercise without breaking the time bank. Here are easy, fun and quick ways to get those endorphins going. Sweat on!

Take the Longer Route

Yes, you probably have a bus pass (maybe even with unlimited rides). Instead of relying on it, try taking the longer (and often more scenic) route. It may seem like a nuisance at first, but once you get into the groove of a routine, it quickly becomes second nature. Aside from getting those steps in, it’s a stress-buster as well. Hikes after class or work with a friend can also be a fantastic option during the warmer months, after the snow melts (unless, of course, you’re a true trekker and hikes during all seasons — in that case, props).

Yoga Mat Magic

There is a treasure cove of exercises that can be performed on a simple yoga mat. Simple setup, simple storage. Popular exercises focus on toning the abs, legs, and arms. Youtube exercise channels feature a variety of different routines for all skill-levels: guilty couch potato to all-star cardio retiree. Optimal times to perform stretches include: before a study session, prior to sleeping, or right after waking up!

7-Minute Workout

PSA: this one’s for those who are looking for something a little more intense. As a favourite for busybodies, the 7-minute workout is a heavy-duty, no muss, no fuss interval training plan for maximizing the numbers of calories burnt in a very limited time interval. Consistency, combined with a moderated diet, are the two most significant factors playing into positive results. Feeling really pumped up? Cram this in before eating breakfast and kick-start your day with an endorphin rush.

Just Dance!

Find traditional exercise too repetitive? Look no further! Get your cardio game on with Just Dance (and it’s okay if you don’t hit five stars on your first try). Turn it into a little competition against yourself (or a friend, if you’re feeling ambitious). Always on the go? There’s a Just Dance Now! app, where all you need is wifi, a laptop, and a phone. It’s a fantastic choice whether you prefer to shake it out solo or fired up with a group. Bonus points: bragging rights (once you get pretty good).

Desk Stretches

Rethink coffee breaks. A variety of stretches can be performed right at your desk, without moving more than a metre! Focus upon your joints, neck, and muscles. The Muse has a fantastic infographic on some easy examples (see #6 for a good laugh), and before you know it, it’ll be part of a uber-convenient everyday routine.

So there you have it! Armed with these new quick and easy exercise fixes, you’ll be a work-life balance guru in no time. Share the fun with your peers and get the party started!