A Day In The Life: Procter & Gamble Customer Business Development Account Manager


Being a Customer Business Development (CBD) Account Manager at Procter & Gamble is different than most sales jobs at other companies.

Recent University of Toronto political science grad Adam Halim meets with the buyers at retailers. It is the buyer who determines what the shelves look like, which Procter & Gamble products go in the flyers, and what the pricing is going to be. However, Adam plays a role in helping these retailers to grow their business – they consider him to be more a consultant and a trusted advisor than a sales rep.

Adam says that his job feels more like a consulting or management job because he’s gaining skills that will help him build a career in those areas as well as sales.

How Adam started his career at P&G

Adam was in the third year of a computer science program at the University of Toronto when his band got signed. He left school and toured with his band for four years before returning to school and graduating with a political science degree.

When he applied for this job at P&G, he never thought they would recognize his experience in the band, but during the interview process he demonstrated how he took ownership over his work in the band. He showed them that it wasn’t just about music – it was like running a small business.

He chose to work for P&G because the company’s values matched his own: their motto “do the right thing” makes him proud to be able to tell his friends that the company he works for makes it a priority to grow revenues in a responsible way.

Adam’s advice for students and recent grads

Do not underestimate your experience no matter where it’s from – value that experience and employers will too.

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