Leaders are Made Here – Schulich’s Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) Program


The Schulich School of Business in Toronto needs no introduction. It is known around the world as one of the top business schools in Canada. It offers the best of both worlds – exposure to industry experts, real-life scenarios, and academic learning. Now students who want to elevate their careers in the Supply Chain Management field can achieve that at Schulich.

Program Creation

Seeing opportunities within the industry, the Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) Program was created. The program will be offered full-time (12 months) and part-time (24 months). We interviewed two individuals who were inspired to lead the charge: David A. Johnston, Program Director, Master of Supply Chain Management and Dr. Markus Biehl, Associate Professor, Operations Management and Information Systems who also will be teaching in the new program.

David’s family has been involved in transportation and operations management for three generations, so the industry is almost baked into his DNA! David has a deep personal and professional connection to the value of supply chain management to society and how its practice has to improve to be sustainable in the future. He has set a goal for himself to help the industry become more efficient by educating the leaders of tomorrow.

The Schulich Difference

As a result, a cross-disciplinary and integrative program with a global perspective was born. The overarching goal is to teach students how to build a responsive and efficient supply chain end-to-end. How? Along with traditional supply chain topics like purchasing, logistics and manufacturing the program also teaches communication, marketing, accounting and finance, which are critical to making supply relationships effective. Each course goes beyond the mere number crunching of analysis to consider the management of people in a diverse and ever-changing workplace and marketplace.

Similar to David, Markus also has first-hand experience in transportation, but in the field from the ground up. He used to drive trucks, plan the truckloads, dispatching, logistics, control, setting up and running supply points. Using that experience, Markus helps students integrate the growing research and theory about supply management with real-world experience. One of the ways the program supports this approach is through the highly experiential Supply Chain Consulting Project which is carried out for actual industry clients. Students also have an opportunity to choose their own projects.

The program stresses the fact that Supply Chain Management is, at its core, an interdisciplinary subject. It teaches students to understand details, but also see the big picture.

More than a Degree

Schulich is a full-service school. On top of academics, students get access to many more services on campus. For example, Supply Chain & Operations Management Club (SCOMC) is a student-run club aimed at bridging the professional and academic supply chain community at Schulich. Because the program accepts all students with a qualifying Bachelor’s degree regardless of their work experience, the community of students is diverse. In fact, the program can be taken full-time in 12 months or part-time in 24 months. Thanks to that, students can learn from each other in addition to learning from professors and textbooks.

In fact, students join the Schulich family even before commencing their studies and can take advantage of a host of opportunities.

Overall, supply chain management is becoming one of the most important aspects of the modern economy. New technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and blockchain are changing how we order, make and ship goods and services whether physically or online, domestically or internationally. Progressive companies are looking for new ways of running their operations and manage their suppliers and customers. You could become one of the emerging leaders to transform the industry!

Learn how to make an impact on the industry from the professionals – apply to the Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) program at the Schulich School of Business.