How This New Grad Hatched His Career At Sysco


Do you love food? Who doesn’t? Now imagine working for the world’s largest food distributor, where your job includes visiting restaurants, hotels, bowling alleys, and any other places that serve food. That’s what Johnathan Herechuk does at Sysco as an Outside Sales Representative – he forms key partnerships, fosters relationships, and enjoys great food in the process! Read on to find out how he got to where he is today.

Johnathan Herechuk
Johnathan Herechuk
Outside Sales Representative
Brock University, Business Communication
St. Catharines

Johnathan Herechuk grew up in Bracebridge, ON in a family of business people. His family owns a carpentry and woodworking business where Johnathan started his own career. Due to this exposure to the world of commerce, he chose to study Business Communications at Brock University. “I always knew I wanted to work with people, but it wasn’t until I was in my second year of University that I decided to target sales,” – he says.

Using A Campus Competition To Hatch A Career

After discovering his passion and talent for sales, Johnathan had to find his way into the industry. The Great Canadian Sales Competition presented an ideal opportunity for that. From Johnathan’s perspective, sales skills are useful not just in sales careers, but virtually any role where persuasion and relationship building is important, so he was confident that participating in this competition would be beneficial for any career path he pursued. Another reason that influenced his decision to take part was the unique opportunity offered to the semi-finalists to network with the greatest sales professionals from Fortune 100 companies. Fortuitously, it was at one of these networking events was where Johnathan initiated his first contact with Sysco’s VP of sales. After maintaining the connection for a few months via emails and phone calls, Johnathan was the first person the VP of sales thought of when Sysco needed a new salesperson.

Even before becoming a salesperson at Sysco, Johnathan knew exactly how to cultivate relationships and sell.

Getting the Job

Having many conversations with people at Sysco only reinforced Johnathan’s desire to work in sales, and specifically at Sysco. The VP of Sales gave Johnathan crucial inside information about the growth opportunities, salary and commission structure, and other perks Sysco offers that provide more ownership over his career path and remuneration. “The role at Sysco checked off all the boxes for me. It’s challenging, I work with people every day, and I have control of my income by getting out what I put into it,” – Johnathan says.

Outside Sales Representative – here’s what it looks like

As soon as Johnathan accepted the offer and started working, he went on the road with his colleagues to learn everything about his job first-hand. He also attended many in-class strategy and sales tactics workshops and other professional development training offered by Sysco.

Johnathan admits that his job offers such a variety of experiences, it’s even challenging to describe his typical day at Sysco. “It’s business development, it’s account management, it’s consultative services, It’s crisis management, it’s sales and it’s even marketing,” – Johnathan says about his role. Each aspect of his job helps him grow, discover new talents within himself, and overcome obstacles that challenge him. While some may find such independence overwhelming, Johnathan thrives in this culture. In fact, he says his role somewhat resembles a franchise. He has all the training, support and assistance he could ever need from Sysco, but Johnathan is also given the trust and independence to make his own decisions and deliver great results.

Overall, Johnathan feels like he is the right place even though it has only been 8 months since he joined. He attributes his success to his proactive nature and the desire to keep learning. Instead of waiting for the perfect career to find him, he went out and got it. Now he enjoys being in control and learning something new every day.“I am the best version of myself when I’m constantly being challenged. This career in sales has definitely provided that for me.”

Becoming an Outside Sales Representative at Sysco requires ambition, positive attitude, and the ability to learn on the spot. But, just like with any job, not having every required skill is OK. Sysco is an organization that welcomes new talent and is ready to help you grow.

If hatching a sales career in the food industry wasn’t your dream before, it probably is after reading about Johnathan’s egg-cellent success at Sysco! So don’t delay – get cracking and learn more about Sysco on their employer profile and apply for their Outside Sales Representative role here.