Students Spoke and Employers are Listening: Employers are Highlighting their Corporate Giving as Part of their Employee Engagement and Recruitment Messaging


Prophix employees in Pueblo Viejo, Nicaragua. Prophix donated $25,000 to fund the construction of two high school classrooms in the rural community as part of its Corporate Giving programs.

TalentEgg’s community of top student and grads have long told us that an employer’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important factor that they consider in deciding if they want to pursue a career at that organization. After all, if the company cares about the community that they do business in, it’s more likely that it will care about their own employees and workplace! These days top employers have caught on to that fact that young job seekers want a career with a purpose and to work for a company that cares about more than the bottom line. Employers are increasingly aware that philanthropy isn’t just about doing good, it can also be good business! Today’s top young employees care more than ever about the social impact of who they work for. In the battle for top talent, having strong CSR programs can be critical to attracting and retaining talent and building an engaging company culture. In fact, a recent PWC Survey said 86% of employees would consider leaving if their company’s CSR values failed to meet their expectations. That’s supported by TalentEgg’s own survey responses of Gen Y and Z job seekers across Canada that clearly show young job seekers are passionate and committed to social impact. Our 2018 survey results found that nearly a third of Gen Z students say that they would take a 10-20% pay cut to work for a cause they deeply care about, while 85% of all respondents said that an employer’s CSR is a “very important” factor they consider in making a decision to accept a job.

Some employers are implementing innovative ways to make a meaningful connection with students and young employees while integrating them into an active participation in their social good initiatives. For example, Prophix, a fast growing Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software company helping clients in +100 countries, has been a leader in creating an inspired and engaged environment. The company has created a one of a kind corporate giving program, driven directly by employees. For each quarter where financial targets are achieved, the company makes a donation to a charity, based on a vote among employees.

In 2016, the Prophix team voted to work with a charity called Students Offering Support, (one of TalentEgg’s strongest on-campus social good partners). SOS has a team of over 1,800 volunteer student leaders who provide workshops to students across Canada to help other students improve their studying and prepare for exams. With the money they raise, they support ongoing philanthropic efforts in the third world aimed at supporting literacy and education to those most in need. Prophix’s employees voted to fund the construction of two high school classrooms in a remote community in Nicaragua where access to education is extremely limited. Not only did Prophix provide the funds, they also supported eleven employees from across departments to travel to the community to assist with the construction process, led by SOS volunteers. It’s efforts like these that have helped Prophix be named a top Small/Mid-Sized Employer for three years running and has demonstrated that they walk their talk in doing social good, employee engagement and support for students and recent grads who really care about making a difference. That’s a powerful message to attract and engage committed and motivated young job seekers.

What attracted Prophix to work with SOS was finding an organization where the employees could truly see their impact; based on working with an organization of the right size. By choosing the right organization, and engaging employees throughout the process, the program was not just a donation but a strategic investment.

Many companies are realizing the benefits to both their recruitment messaging and their employee engagement. Students Offering Support has facilitated two similar Corporate trips for the Waterloo-based team from Quarry Integrated Communications that funded the cost of a new building construction in Los Jazmines, Costa Rica and supported twelve employees to travel to the community to participate in the construction.

Prophix employees in Pueblo Viejo, Nicaragua. Prophix donated $25,000 to fund the construction of two high school classrooms in the rural community as part of its Corporate Giving programs.
Prophix employees in Pueblo Viejo, Nicaragua. Prophix donated $25,000 to fund the construction of two high school classrooms in the rural community as part of its Corporate Giving programs.

Since 2008, when SOS became a registered charity, the organization has facilitated trips for +1500 participants and raised over $2.5 million to support global access to education. SOS is hoping to encourage more employers to consider connecting with the committed, high achieving students that make up SOS volunteers, while simultaneously building employee engagement and demonstrating their commitment to social good by partnering in the many worthy causes that SOS is supporting worldwide. Executive Director, Jamie Arron, says, “We’re excited about giving top employers the chance to meet and really connect with some of our SOS volunteers who will make outstanding employees after graduation, while giving their existing employees an opportunity to get boots on the ground and work together for a good cause – which creates fantastic team building experiences and employee engagement.” SOS is holding seminars in November and December to give more information to companies about the opportunity to partner on these life changing projects – for both the volunteers and the people they help.

TalentEgg is a proud partner of Students Offering Support, who believe in what we do; education is the key to hatching a meaningful career, but volunteering for social good gives life meaning. We also believe that companies who give back to the community they do business in or support something greater than their bottom line also embody what Gen Y and Z job seekers are looking for – an employer whose core values align with their own. If you’re interested in learning more about top employers who walk their talk about social impact, or if you want to get involved as an SOS volunteer on campus, get cracking and check out