Training & Mentorship: How Reynolds and Reynolds Sets New Grads Up For Success


What comes to your mind when you hear the brand name of “Reynolds and Reynolds”? Is it cars? A big corporation? An established and well-known business? As a provider of business forms, management software, and professional services to car dealerships, Reynolds is all of that and much more! It’s an employer of choice that provides the professional development and culture for its employees to flourish and succeed!

We interviewed two trainees at Reynolds to find out exactly how the company fosters creativity, provides continuous training and shows they care about their employees.

Rob Reimer
Rob Reimer
Account Manager Trainee
System Sales

Rob Reimer is approaching the end of his training and is preparing to become an Account Manager. Even before working for Reynolds, Rob knew he wanted three things from a job: flexibility, connection to cars, and an entrepreneurial environment. Reynolds checked off all of the boxes.

Naturally, with such an attractive job, a lot of candidates apply, so Reynolds takes special care to make sure the successful candidate is the right fit. Rob says that the interview and screening process at Reynolds was fairly extensive. It included multiple interviews, first with the recruiting department, then with managers and executives of his department. All of this is done to ensure the candidate is a proper fit, is capable to perform the job, and is committed to the role. This process also allows the candidates to visualize their daily life at the company more clearly, ask as many questions as they need, and get a real feel for the culture.

Continuous Learning

Rob speaks highly of the culture at Reynolds, which is dedicated to helping their employees grow, discover new talents and develop their professional skills.

Rob is currently transitioning from being a trainee to becoming a sales rep, and he says that he feels very supported along the way. Before a trainee assumes new responsibilities, Reynolds ensures that they are trained to the highest industry standards.

At the same time, Rob admits that keeping up with the industry’s speed of change is sometimes challenging. The automotive industry is changing daily, and staying up to date is a must for a sales trainee. This also means that no two days are the same and there is no shortage of new things to learn!

Tabitha Poeze
Tabitha Poeze
System Sales Trainee
Software Implementation

Tabitha Poeze has been training with Reynolds for only 3 months and already has some deep insights about the company.

Even before getting the job, Tabitha knew how serious Reynolds is about training their employees from their detailed job posting!

On the Job

Tabitha’s role is very different from a typical job you would imagine. She spends about ¾ of her time on the road travelling to dealerships, observing or even leading the implementation and training of dealership staff on Reynolds’ computer software, and the other ¼ learning as much as she can about the company from her home. It’s refreshing to see how trusting Reynolds is with their trainees and how independent the company allows them to be. Tabitha adds that it is impossible to get bored while doing this job – there is always something she can learn, a new dealership to visit, and new people to meet.

With so much information and continuous training comes the equally difficult task of retaining all the learned material. Tabitha recommends constantly making notes, asking questions, and reviewing the provided information. To really make it stick, Tabitha finds it beneficial to practise what she’s learned until it becomes second nature.

18 Months of Training

To become a fully equipped account manager, Tabitha will spend a year and a half just training. She mentions that: “One of my job requirements is literally to be mentored by various people in different positions within the company.”

Considering how fast-paced the industry is, Tabitha has already noticed how much she has grown – both professionally and personally.

Public speaking especially helped Tabitha to establish credibility among the professionals she interacts with on a daily basis. She says developing her presentation skills has provided her with the ability to be comfortable and confident no matter who the audience is. Despite being a recent graduate without much work experience, Tabitha knows she is going to do well. She comments: “I find that Reynolds and Reynolds puts a lot of development into new graduates, so don’t let a “lack of experience” hold you back.”

By investing so much in their trainees, Reynolds shapes the best possible ambassadors for their brand. Not only does the company ensure that their trainees feel special and valued as team members, they also become very knowledgeable about the company’s products and services. If this is not the recipe for long-term success, we don’t know what is!

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