What is a social good CV and why does it matter?


It seems that everything you could possibly think of in terms of resumes has already been discovered, written and rewritten a million times. However, the most popular question remains relevant — what do you put on your resume if you don’t have work experience?

As you might already know, your part-time work experience in a related field, education, and extracurricular activities you engage in on campus are must-have additions. But there is one more resume section that many choose to neglect — volunteering!

Why is this section important?

  1. It allows you to list the activities you did as a work experience. If you want to become a graphic designer and you’ve designed a poster for the local garage sale, this fits perfectly under the volunteering heading.
  2. It shows employers that you care about others, that you spend your free time with a purpose, and that you are looking for a meaningful career – not just a job. A passion for volunteering speaks volumes about a candidate’s personality, and every manager is ultimately looking for a pleasant person to be a part of a team, not a robot to perform basic job duties.
  3. It indicates to the employer that you’re not just after the money. While a steady paycheck is necessary for survival, hiring managers don’t want a person who is only interested in compensation. By showing that you volunteer for a cause that is important to you, you’re indicating what a passionate and driven individual you are.
  4. It gives you an opportunity to mention some of your strengths and soft skills that the employer is looking for. Moreover, because many companies use software to scan your resume for keywords (Applicant Tracking Systems), listing the relevant skills is very important.
  5. It showcases your interests. You might think the the employer doesn’t care, but many do! Who knows — maybe you share a mutual love for WWF initiatives, and this becomes the reason you are called in for an interview?

So now that you’re convinced volunteering should be on your resume, where do you get that social good experience? We’ve created a platform powered by xocial for you to do just that! On the TalentEgg xocial Impact platform, you can complete “challenges” aka acts of kindness that benefit the community, peers, environment, campus, family, support causes you care about and more! By completing challenges you earn “xocial points” (XP) and an overall “XO” score that puts you in the running to be featured as the Do-Gooder of the Week and win the grand prize. Plus, every challenge is associated with skills that you earn as badges – this is what’s important to include on your resume!

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About the author

Maria Vasserman is a lifestyle photographer. She graduated from Seneca College and recently graduated from a BComm at Ryerson University. Maria loves sharing her never-ending thoughts with the world through writing, photography, and even dance!