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On September 6, 2018 three professionals from Rogers Communications joined our live Office Hours chat and answered students, recent grads and candidates’ questions. Technology is one of the most desirable industries, and in the today’s competitive market, it is hard to stand out to recruiters. Having the ability get your questions answered directly by those who are already working for Rogers Communications really puts you ahead of the curve!

If you missed our live event, you can read the full transcript. Perhaps some of your questions got answered! If not, make sure to sign up for our next Office Hours event.


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Hi everyone, this is Maria from TalentEgg, I’ll be moderating the live chat for us today. We have three great experts from Rogers Communications who are happy to answer your questions. We’ll introduce them now.

Comment From Claudia Amaral
Hi, my name is Claudia and I’m currently a part of the New Grad program in the Enterprise Business Unit. My current position is a Product Planning and Strategy Analyst and I’m responsible for ensuring the governance process runs smoothly and projects align with the business goals. I’m looking forward to chatting with you all!

Comment From Reuben | Analyst from Rogers
Hi there! I’m Reuben, currently part of the 2018 New Grad LDP as an Analyst. I work within the Enterprise Business Unit where I support in Sales Performance and Planning. We make sure that Rogers stays atop the competition by actively engaging and supporting our salespeople; as well as, ensuring that sales support operations run smoothly and effectively.

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers
Hi my name is Jasmine – I’m a Campus Specialist here at Rogers and help facilitate and create development programs for students and new grads to grow their careers!

Great to meet everyone, let’s get started with some questions!

Manjot from University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Do you have any advice for a successful interview?

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers
Hey Manjot, I’d say: be yourself and be prepared to talk about your experience during school and what transferable skills you bring to the table that will make you successful.

Sarah from Mount Royal University
What student opportunities does Rogers offer?

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers

Great question Sarah, Rogers offers student and new grad programs. Still in undergrad? Join us for your work term! If you’re in 4th year, start thinking about joining our rotational program.

Comment From Reuben | Analyst from Rogers
Hi Manjot! Addition to Jasmine’s comment. I’ve also put in practice a great advice — have a good night’s rest! Your body will thank you and keep you in a comfortable feeling throughout the interview.

Comment From Claudia Amaral
Just be yourself! You know yourself best, so you are the only one who can communicate what you have accomplished.

Jorge from York University
Does Rogers offer rotational programs?

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers
Hiya Jorge – Yes! Rogers has a New Graduate Leadership Development Program. It is 12 months in length and provides a curriculum for accelerated growth!

Kyle from Ryerson University
What are you looking for in the ideal applicant for the New Grad program?

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers
Kyle – awesome question – We’re looking for applicants who embody our values and want to help us #MakeMorePossible for Canadians. We look for hard & soft skills, innovative ideas, leadership, and passion for your community.

Comment From Arun
Arun – A fresh Mechatronic Systems Engineering grad, with a year long co-op experience in a telecommunications product manufacturing industry, what opportunities does Rogers Communications have for engineering students?

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers
Arun – Engineering students have a wealth of opportunity here at Rogers! Our Technology business unit needs your skills in spades. Everything from working as a Cloud Specialist (don’t worry we provide raincoats… ha) to working on our Network to keep things up and running. You can check out our opportunities on

Great questions so far, keep it up!

Arundhati from Wilfrid Laurier University
What type of a background in terms of previous work experience are you looking for in your ideal candidate for a marketing position with Rogers. Considering most new grads have less than a year of work experience, how can we overcome this barrier?

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers
Thanks for your question Arundhati! We look for students who have completed work terms during school, started their own projects or companies, or who are active as volunteers. All of these include transferable skills you can take to your first job as a new grad!

Comment From Rabia
What are some key skills and experiences useful to students in Rogers’ New Graduate Leadership Development Program?

Comment From Claudia Amaral
Hi Rabia! My best advice is be involved in your community! Join a student group or outside organization where you can grow your skills and network.

Comment From Reuben | Analyst from Rogers
Hey Rabia! Fantastic Q! Firstly, asking starts you off well! Reaching out and learning more about Rogers will set you up such that you can determine how you will fit within the company. Additionally, individuals that work well with others are sought after — be sure to highlight your people skills!

We’ve reached the halfway point in our live chat. We’ll introduce the poll now!


What are you most egg-cited to learn today?
Internship and Co-op Opportunities (37%)
Career Advice (26%)
Growth Opportunities (21%)
Workplace Culture (16%)

Comment From Stella
What’s the internal culture like for new graduates at Rogers?

Comment From Claudia Amaral
Hi Stella, thanks for your question! Our culture is very innovative and encourages collaboration. Everyone is open minded to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Our sharespace workplace provides this flexibility to collaborate and work together.

Comment From Ambar
When does recruitment start for the Rogers New Grad Leadership Development Program?

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers
Hey Ambar, recruitment for the New Grad Leadership Development program begins NOW! You’ll see roles posted over this next week and interviews will begin in October.

Comment From Lily
Hi Reuben! What was your experience like going through the hiring process for the leadership program at Rogers?

Comment From Reuben | Analyst from Rogers
Hi Lily! I had an enjoyable experience through the hiring process. I’ll specifically comment on how well-built the process was. I went through two panel interviews. I was asked challenging and relevant questions, yet, they were posed in a welcoming way such that I was able to answer as comfortably as possible. It was definitely a stress-free hiring process.

For more information about Rogers Communication, check out their profile!

Sargam from Western University
Are there mentorship opportunities available in the workplace? Is feedback regularly given for employees?

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers

Sargam! We offer coaching as part of our new grad program and ensure all new grads have a support system to lean on. Rogers also has mentoring programs to help everyone grow. Feedback is encouraged and many employees have regular touch points with their manager to see how they’re progressing.

Hey guys, we have 15 minutes left! Lots of time for all of your questions!

Comment From Vithur
What measures my success in the new grad leadership program?

Comment From Reuben | Analyst from Rogers
Hey Vithur! Great question and a reminder to us new grads! In our perspective, we’ve seen the most successful individuals as those who have a great network. The New Grad LDP is curated to give us maximum exposure from those we can learn from. We would definitely encourage you to have as many quality conversations with leadership and peers as possible.

Comment From Joanne
When does recruitment start for the CPA ATO program?

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers
Hey Joanne – the ATO Program is recruiting right NOW! Application deadline is September 16th so be sure to give your resume and cover letter a once over before you submit.

Comment From Jenny
Could you talk about Rogers onboarding and training experience?

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers
Jenny – New Grads go through our National Onboarding Program, then spend a couple of days with my team learning about what they can expect over the next year and getting to know one another. We also have a customer experience week where new grads learn about why it’s so important to us as a company to be customer focused. Throughout the next 12 months new grads will go through training and networking as per a curated curriculum to help with their personal and professional development so we can #MakeMorePossible!

Comment From @JasmineCampusSpecialistRogers
Thanks for joining everyone! Hope to see you while I’m out on campus 🙂

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