An Inside Look at the Culture of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services


You may recognize Mercedes-Benz as a luxury car brand, but have you heard of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Canada? Located in Mississauga, Ontario, they support the sales efforts of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, vans and Daimler trucks in Canada by offering premier financial services to retail customers and the dealer network. More than just finances and automotives, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is powered by its people. By giving back both within the company and in the community, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services believes in changing people’s lives for the better. We had the chance to speak with five employees from the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services team to learn why they love working for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, how the company is breaking down barriers, and why it’s so important to give back. Check out the video to get a closer look.

Giving Back to The Community

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services runs a Week of Caring initiative every year, where employees can participate in various philanthropic activities aimed at giving back to worthy causes within the community. Every employee at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is given a paid day to volunteer their time to a cause or organization they’re passionate about.

“You get a sense of fulfillment and gratification by giving back to your community and being able to do that with someone from your team helps deepen that relationship that you have with them and goes above and beyond the day to day work environment.”– Philippe Messina, Marketing Data Support Intern

“Growing up, my parents always taught me to give to the people, be nice and do things for others and this gave me a chance to do that. Coming into a company, you assume it’s just work but with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, we were given the chance to volunteer and give back to the community”-Niroshan Sriskantharajan,Insurance Analyst Intern

“It means a lot to me as an employee knowing that the company that you work for dedicates their time and resources to give back to the community. As a candidate, knowing that a company has a week of caring is a big factor in applying to a job. You know you’re applying to a company who will care about your future, the community and your future growth.”– Alicia Chea,Marketing & Communications Support

People First

With a strong internal culture, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is focused on providing the best service to not just their customers, but to their employees as well. They recognize that keeping their employees happy goes a long way in terms of productivity and job satisfaction. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services cares about providing its employees with continued learning, success and development.

“As soon as I stepped into this building, I could feel the culture and knew it was going to be amazing and a worthwhile experience”– Niroshan Sriskantharajan, Insurance Analyst Intern

“It’s a great environment to start your career in and to learn something about yourself. Not only technical skills, but soft skills as well.”– Sophie Janke,Human Resources Intern

“Working with my co-workers and them having the same values as the company, makes the work environment really nice here. Everyone wants to help you through your struggles or issues you come across. This brings back the idea of community and being a community”– Sangeeta Balla,Credit Operations Business Analyst

Breaking Down Walls

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is transforming its culture from within. The office went under construction, removing walls and breaking barriers between departments to open up the workspace. Gone are the days of office cubicles and closed doors for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services! Starting with the President knocking down his office walls, this important project is opening up the lines of communication, increasing inclusivity in the workplace and encouraging employees to connect and collaborate.

“I’ve never experienced this before with any other organization. I really like the opportunity for employees to take their walls down and be able to communicate. It gives you the chance to communicate and work together” – Sophie Janke, Human Resources Intern

“The symbolic change of knocking down walls shifted our organization from having barriers to having this movement where everyone is open, agile and innovative in the way they think, work and collaborate.” – Alicia Chea, Marketing & Communications Support

“I sit right next to a Vice President! As an intern coming into the company, being able to talk to senior management and the Vice President of the company is a great experience” – Niroshan Sriskantharajan, Insurance Analyst Intern

Whether the employees are volunteering their own time, or tearing down walls to create a diverse, collaborative and open environment, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services makes their people feel valued and part of a company that is much more than the bottom line by giving back to the community. Through their inclusivity and culture of collaboration, professional development and feedback, interns and employees alike are supported within the company to grow, develop, learn and, of course, give back.

Want to work for this amazing company? Visit the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services profile to learn more and explore available opportunities.

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