Brewing your skills with Labatt: the journey of Labatt interns


The beer industry is attractive to students and recent grads as it is, but the opportunity to join a friendly, open environment at Labatt that celebrates hard work and commitment is just one of the many added bonuses. We interviewed two current interns and two full-time employees, who were previously interns, to get a peek into their experiences at Labatt.

Dream Came True

Nick Carson
Nick Carson
Marketing Intern – Branding Connections

Nicholas Carson, a Marketing intern, views his internship at Labatt as a “perfect opportunity to spend summer in the city.” Being from a smaller town in Ontario, he is excited to work in a large company where he can meet many people and learn from them. Nicholas is involved with the execution of Labatt’s marketing initiatives through different media channels, helping with branding, and assisting both national brand and connection strategies for the Budweiser team.

Nicholas was able to land this opportunity by networking during his job hunt. In fact, he found out about this role with Labatt at one of the company’s recruitment events. Since being hired for the role, he hasn’t stopped learning, especially when it comes to work ethic. “As the old saying goes, ‘Excellence…is not an act, but a habit,’” he says. His advice to future interns is this: “If all little daily tasks are done perfectly, this gives you more time to focus on bigger projects. So make sure the small things that you do every day are always done to the best of your ability.”

Endless Opportunities

Tayler Hunt
Tayler Hunt
2017 — Packaging Quality Intern
Currently — Packaging Group Manager

Tayler Hunt joined Labatt as a Packaging Quality intern in Halifax after completing her Master’s program in Chemical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. About half way through her summer internship, she enrolled in the company’s prestigious Global Management Trainee (GMT) program, which is a 10-month training program that begins after graduation. She recently completed the program and became a Packaging Group Manager in the Montreal brewery. This is a perfect example of exciting career paths that Labatt provides to those who are willing to work hard.

On top of being exposed to new opportunities, Taylor is also able to develop personally and professionally through new challenges and experiences. “I experience new challenges every day, and Labatt is able to ensure that I am always learning new things,” says Tayler. “It’s important to always be open to new challenges since the opportunity to develop will pay off in the future,” she advises.

During her time with Labatt, Taylor has had incredible support from her fellow peers and leaders who have helped her succeed in her roles. “Everyone that you work with will take the time to help you learn and succeed as a new employee,” she says.

Well-Rounded Experience

Christopher Vinelli
Christopher Vinelli
2015 – Sales Intelligence Intern
Currently — Senior Pricing Analyst

Like Tayler, Christopher Vinelli started as an intern at Labatt and obtained a full-time position with the help of the GMT program. Through the program, Christopher had an opportunity to experience working across North America, travelling around Canada and the U.S. and getting involved with various projects and roles. The exposure to many locations and assignments accelerated the development of his professional skills and it is his favourite memory of his experience in the company to date.

“Canada’s largest brewer is results-driven,” says Christopher, who knows you need to be resilient and resourceful with excellent time management skills to succeed at Labatt. “We’re all striving to do and be our best, but we also know how to kick back and celebrate our respective efforts and achievements because we’re all in this together.”

Labatt GMT Program

Collaborative Environment

Claire McCarthy
Claire McCarthy
2015 — People Intern
Currently — Specialist, People Continuity

Claire McCarthy began her Labatt journey as a People intern during her university studies. After graduating from Brock University in the International Business Dual Degree Co-op Program, she joined Labatt full-time. “Every day is different for me, and I thrive in a fast-paced environment,” she says.

Claire is strongly aligned with Labatt’s Ten Principles which she considers to be one of the most important factors to professional development at Labatt. Similar to the other interns, she notes that you need to have that willingness to work hard, adapt, and be open-minded. One of the best ways to learn those skills, she says, is to simply reach out and shadow fellow employees.

Ten Tips for Interns & Trainees

  1.      Embrace Labatt’s culture – it leads to amazing accomplishments
  2.      Seek new challenges — they help make you grow
  3.      Make sure everything you produce is your best work
  4.      Be willing to work hard — you will be rewarded for it
  5.      Be organized and manage your time well — you’ll be that much more efficient
  6.      Never be satisfied with the results — celebrate the success, but always look for innovative ways to raise the bar
  7.      Be ready – expect a fast-paced environment
  8.      Capitalize on Labatt’s learning culture – ask for help and learn from your co-workers
  9.      Maximize your connections – be social and face-to-face
  10. Remember – you work in a really great industry!

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