Top 5 Tips to Avoid the End of Summer Blues



Summer is quickly coming to an end, and the last weeks are bound to fly by only quicker. That’s why it important to start thinking about your next steps! For many students, summer is the time to relax and kick back. Whether you are returning to another year of education or starting a new job, it is important to start preparing for the changes ahead!

We all know about the winter blues, but there’s also the summer blues which is the way people often feel towards the end of the summer. With the weather changing and everyday responsibilities coming back to tackle you, it can be easy to become discontented. That’s why we’ve come up with this list to help you beat the summer blues and create a great start to your fall!

Start reinstigating structure

For many of us, summer is an unstructured time with no set sleep schedule, mealtimes, or solid timetabling. That’s why a few weeks before the end of the summer try to instigate some normalcy into your life. Set a time for bed or a time you have breakfast everyday. Start rescheduling meetings and appointments in your calendar. This will help you get back into a routine, and the new structured lifestyle you lead in September wont be such a shock.

Tackle your to-do list

One reason a lot of people become anxious or depressed towards the end of summer is because they are overwhelmed by the amount of work and tasks they have to do. Instead of looking at everything you have to do and becoming overwhelmed, break it down into small easily accountable sections. Once you start ticking items off your list, you will feel a million times better.


Throughout the year, we amass a lot of things we don’t need which can become overwhelming and affect our mood. Do a summer cleanout! Take out the winter clothes you hid away and start packing up the things you no longer need. Not only will this let you become emotionally ready for the summer’s end, but it will also help you regain a bit of structure in your life.

Make goals and plans for the upcoming months

Don’t become a hermit and hide from the world. Just because the sun isn’t out doesn’t mean you should not be either! Make long-term plans and have something to look forward to. Whether it’s concert tickets or a new fitness regime, finding something to occupy yourself with will give you positive things to focus on.

Talk to people

Just because summer’s ending doesn’t mean it’s over just yet. Keep making plans with friends and go out of your way to enjoy the time you are currently having. Talking to other people about how you feel is hugely beneficial as you’ll find that many of them may be having the same issues.

By following our top five tips, you’ll have beaten the summer blues in no time and will be ready to take on egg-citing opportunities autumn has prepared for you!