#NoNewFriends — The Solution


Recently moved for school? Whether it’s down the street or across the world, moving for school is a difficult transition. One of the biggest challenges is making new friends. Many people have been in the same group of friends for most of their young life, and this is one of the first opportunities to truly broaden their social circle.

So how can you turn this challenge into an opportunity? There are so many benefits to making new friends: new ideas, new opinions, new experiences. Broadening your circle is one of the best things you can do as it opens you to avenues you never experienced before. However, the question everyone asks is how do you go about it? We’ve come up with a few key ways to fully integrate yourself and be on the way to making your new bestie!

    Get Involved

Sounds simple, right? But for a lot people this can be really intimidating. If you’re not typically extraverted, the idea of approaching strangers can make you feel almost ill. Most colleges and universities have a large number of social clubs you can get involved with. Joining a group gives you a great talking point with people you don’t know. As an added benefit, you might pick up a new skill along the way. This can be anything from knitting circles to student investment funds. Find your passion and go with it!

    Make an Effort

Making new friends takes time. Don’t expect to have met your platonic soulmate by day five. Make the effort to meet up for coffee or even just send a friendly text. It can be nerve wracking to make the first move, but many people are secretly waiting for someone to be brave.

    Don’t Force it

Some people just don’t click. So if you meet someone and you just don’t get along, don’t blame yourself. You’ll meet so many people that you’re guaranteed to meet “your” kind of guys and gals. Just be patient and don’t waste time trying to be someone you’re not just to fit into a group.

    Don’t Restrict Yourself

A lot of people think that they must only make friends within their course or age range. This is not the case! So what if your friends are a year older or are in a different program? If they make you happy, just enjoy your time with them. The less you think about what you should be doing, the more you’ll enjoy the moment.

    Check out online forums

Many colleges, universities, and schools have public interest pages where people can ask questions and share tips. This can be a great place to find people who are interested in similar subjects or get tips regarding campus life. Through this you can meet people you never would have. Of course, as with anything you do online, always be careful and stick to school sponsored pages.

    Just Say Hi

Sometimes it’s really that simple. Are you sitting next to someone in class? Or next in line to someone? Just smile and say hi. If they respond — great! You could start building a relationship you wouldn’t have had before. If they don’t, then at least you seem friendly.