Weekday Wake-Ups: Week 3


Monday has come for us once again. Sadly, this means the weekend couldn’t be further away… But on the bright side, that means we have a whole new set of five songs to add to your morning rush playlist. So let’s get into it!

This edition of Weekday Wake-Ups features some pop hits, some throwback hip-hop, underground sound, and more! So get up and get at it, add these tracks to your morning commute and make something of your day!

Make sure you Follow the playlist to stay up to date with changes each week! After this week, songs will start to disappear and be replaced.

Focus – Ariana Grande

Another empowering hit from Ariana Grande. “Focus” is about being a role model for yourself, staying authentic to who you are and remaining confident in the face of adversity. In a way, the song invites listeners to focus on themselves and what they believe in.

The World Is Yours Nas 

The rapper Nas came from very humble beginnings, but that doesn’t stop him from staying ambitious on this smooth track. The track encourages listeners to stay motivated and understand that the world is theirs for the taking – but not in an arrogant way. Stay humble, keep grinding.

Glide – Hoodboi 

Get into the groove with this smooth track from Los Angeles producer, Hoodboi. His collaboration with Tkay Maidza on “Glide” delivers a kind of retro boardwalk vibe that will soothe your Monday morning jitters and have you “gliding” to work.

44 More – Logic 

While the beat is a bit darker, Logic’s classic fast-paced tempo gives this song some grit and charisma. Despite the tone, Logic talks about being successful while staying true to your roots and focusing on family more than materialism. Bet you wouldn’t expect a rapper to be a family man.

Surfin’ – Kid Cudi 

This upbeat, bouncy rap tune could crack a confident smile on just about anyone. The song is about working hard, creating your own destiny, and making it on your own – not comparing yourself to others or focusing on others’ success, and “making your own waves”.