Mining Essentials – Helping Companies and Communities Meet Employment Needs


What is Mining Essentials?

Established in 2010 through a partnership between the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), Mining Essentials is a training to employment program for Indigenous peoples interested in exploring career opportunities in mining.

Mining Essentials is the only industry validated national mining training program for Indigenous peoples. Created in collaboration with the AFN, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, the Métis National Council, employers, educators and communities, Mining Essentials teaches both the essential and work readiness skills that the mining industry has validated and deemed necessary to acquire employment in the industry.

Through industry partnerships, Mining Essentials provides participants with the opportunity for hands-on learning experiences at a mine or exploration site, consequently enriching their learning experience.

What makes Mining Essentials unique from other work-readiness programs is that the skills are taught using workplace examples in conjunction with traditional.

Indigenous teaching methods and mediums. This approach enables learners to better relate to the material by using relevant cultural context and methods.

What is Mining Essentials’ objective?

Created with the goal of helping companies and communities meet joint hiring and employment targets, the objective of Mining Essentials is to provide opportunities for Indigenous peoples to develop the non-technical skills and confidence needed to achieve rewarding employment, while fostering economic development resulting in healthy communities. Mining Essentials continues to enhance opportunities for growth and success in a variety of career paths, while attracting and retaining Indigenous peoples in the Canadian mining industry, inevitably contributing to the optimization of the current labour supply

Why adopt Mining Essentials?

Partnerships between mining employers, educators and communities are encouraged from the outset to create the successful foundation for training towards employment. Mining Essentials is highly customizable to address all involved partners and the region’s unique needs. It is often referred to as a “12-week interview”, sourcing a local, skilled and safety-conscious workforce.

Adopt Mining Essentials at your site to create role models, inspire the community and help build a diverse, sustainable, safe and skilled Canadian mining workforce that is recognized globally!

Looking to hire a Mining Essentials graduate?

Mining Essentials graduates have harnessed the essential and work-readiness skills deemed necessary to gain employment in the mining industry.

The Program’s success is demonstrated by a high graduation rate, often around 70%, with the majority achieving employment or furthering their mining education within six months of graduating.

  • Every participant reported learning more about employment opportunities in the mining industry and about transferable life skills.
  • Every participant reported an increase in skills and confidence throughout the training.
  • Over 90 % of participants reported they now know what is needed to work in the mining industry and viewed their trainers as helpful and enthusiastic.
  • Many graduates are hired by industry partners or decide to pursue further education or training.
  • Industry partners reported they were impressed with the learners they met.
  • Industry partners agreed that most individuals who completed the program were ready to start work, with some additional technical training.
  • About the Mining Industry Human Resources Council

    The Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) is the national human resource and labour market council for Canada’s minerals and metals sector. It is the catalyst that drives collaboration among industry stakeholders to understand labour market trends, identify opportunities and develop solutions to mining’s human resource challenges.

    For more information on the Mining Essentials program and its eligibility criteria, contact MiHR at 613.270.9696 or email them at