Four Signs You Need a Social Media Detox and How to Deal


We live in an always connected fast-paced world, and it is only a matter of time before it all becomes too much. If you feel like you’ve reached that point, look no further. Here are five ways you can identify when you should take a break from social media.

1. You are physically attached to your phone


It’s hard these days to disconnect from your phone. After all, essentially your entire life can be captured into that small device. But a lot people are literally unable to be off their phones for a long period of time. Test yourself: can you last ten minutes without checking your phone? It sounds simple, but you might be surprised at how often you reach for it.

2. Your mood depends on your social media


If you’re finding yourself becoming disheartened when a picture or a post doesn’t receive your standard amounts of likes, it could be an indicator that your emotions are tied to your social media presence. Similarly, if you are elated when you receive certain attention on a platform, it indicates your view of yourself is now being dictated by others’ online opinions. Acceptance needs to come from within, so this may be an indication to sign off and start some personal reflection.

3. You’re becoming impatient


The state of constant gratification that comes from social media has begun to affect our daily lives. So used to receive immediate information, we begin to expect this in daily life. Therefore, we become impatient and stop taking action on long projects or highly detailed work. This can seriously affect not just your career, but also how you conduct yourself in interactions with others.

4. Your virtual life is more important than your real life


When you go out and start thinking about what picture to take and when to post instead of enjoying the experience, you know you have a problem. Another indicator is when you become uninterested in actually interacting in the physical world and spend more time talking to someone online. If you’re too busy filming the fireworks to enjoy them, you may need to take a social media cleanse.

How to Detox?

Always start small to ease into the detox. Don’t go and delete all of your profiles at once as this might leave you feeling lonely. Old habits are hard to break, so give yourself permission to fail a few times. Take time-outs from your devices and gradually increase the frequency and time of the breaks from your digital life. Teach your consciousness that you do not need social media and can live a happy and fulfilling life without always being digitally connected. Instead of forcing yourself to avoid social media, fill your life with exciting and busy events and trips that leave you no time to be online 24/7. Then, when you do want to reconnect, you will have wonderful experiences to share with your social network. Before you know it, reaching for your phone will be the last thing on your mind!