Top 5 Reasons to Join the TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement


Employers often take part in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives (CSR) to give back to their communities and make positive changes. But companies are not the only ones who need to take part. You can give back, in your own way!

As individuals we can perform small acts that can make someone smile. Buy someone a coffee one day and watch their face light up. Organize a group to clean up a local park. Volunteer at a food bank. Even holding open the door for an elder can be a small act of kindness that goes a long way.


The goal of the TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement is to spread good deeds and spark acts of kindness in your community. It also gives you a way to shine the light on your social impact and enhance your personal brand for potential employers.

Here are 5 reasons why you should join the TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement:

1. Make a Difference

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We know that you’re really inspired to make a difference in the world!  According to our TalentEgg 2017 and 2018 Student Surveys a big majority of you volunteer on regular basis and you’ve told us you want a career that is more than just a pay cheque.  You are looking to hatch your career with a company that cares about things other than the bottom line, that has core values that align with yours, and invests in ways to make a positive impact on communities and the world.  

But social impact and positive change begins with identifying problems and coming up with innovative solutions. Do you observe a problem in your community? Can a better system be put in place? Try the “Planning for a Better World” and “Interview for Change” challenges. Who knows? An employer, philanthropist, or inventor might really like the idea and find a way to implement it. Open up a discussion with your ideas for a better world.

2. Jack Up Your Resume

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As you complete xocial Impact Challenges, xocial rewards you with points or XPs. The points will convert to a number called your social good or XO score. When you collect enough XP points, you can also earn badges that reflect on your good work. The badges demonstrate core competencies that employers are looking for in their student and grad hires.  Qualities like “Critical Thinking”, “Teamwork”, “Leadership”, “Communication” and more, are visible on your profile. The points and badges make up your online TalentEgg xocial Good Resume.

Top employers are looking for individuals who are active in their communities, are adaptive, can work well with others, and demonstrate that they care about the world around them. Your xocial Good Resume displays desirable “soft skills” that are transferable to the workplace.

Share your xocial profile and score on your resume when you apply for jobs. Potential employers will get to know you as a well-rounded applicant who cares about the community. The causes you advocate for reflect your core values to employers.  TalentEgg xocial Impact challenges can be a great interview topic to discuss too.

3. Increase Your Network

Meet new people through the TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement and increase your professional network. As a student seeking your first internship or a working professional, your network is an essential component of moving ahead in any stage of your career.

TalentEgg’s Spring into xocial Impact Campaign is open to everyone, no matter their educational background, experience or career field. You can build relationships with people who have similar social responsibility interests as you and start developing  your professional network with meaningful connections.

Your acts of social impact can be captured in videos and photos that you upload to your profile. Everyone can see your completed social challenges which can encourage people to connect with you and take part in a bigger social impact movement for positive change.

4. Build Team Spirit


Looking for a way to bring your team together and build team spirit? The TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement can help. Members can engage in Competitive Kindness™ by completing challenges that benefit each other and your team environment. Challenge your friends, work teams, school clubs, high school classes and even your family.  

You can increase your XP score by thanking and congratulating other challenge participants who complete acts of goodness and give back to the community. Watch the love spread and team spirits soar!

5. Giving Back Feels Gooood

The TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement is a great first step to start giving back to the community that you live in. This quote by Buddha is my personal mantra: “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Being kind to strangers makes you feel good too because their joy sparks your joy. So next time it rains, offer a stranger shelter under your umbrella and walk with them to work. Take a photo and upload it to the TalentEgg xocial Impact platform to encourage others to give back. You will feel good and so will they.  

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So what are you waiting for? Get cracking and join the TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement!

Be sure to share your achievements on social media with that hashtag: #TExocialimpact